Monday, March 21, 2011

Allision Fields Entered

First I told you about AAA's commercial that uses the name "Allision Brown" (extra "i) on a membership card. Then I waited and waited to get a picture of it. In the meantime, I saw some of their other ads, and on all of the membership cards, normal names were used, as I told you in this update. Finally, after all this waiting, I have captured the holy grail--the Allision Brown spot was on TV today! Here it is:

So it's official. Despite Kim's solid theory that they spelled it incorrectly to avoid identity theft (or something), this proves that it was just a mistake--here are the correct names:

I am noticing now though that only Brown's card shows a complete number--but I think they all start like that, and then other stuff gets shown over it, the card acting like a little screen you can watch AAA benefits on.

But if we are all agreeing now that Allision Brown was just a mistake, I have to say, Terrible Job, AAA. It's a pretty easy name to spell. Did they preview the commercial to anybody at all before just throwing it out there--and leaving it playing for at least a year? And I guess no one noticed but me. (But I will say Good Job, AAA, for giving Kim & I membership cards with the Red Sox logo on it. We just signed up for it. Our names are spelled correctly.)

Was wondering if there was a post on this. Somebody really goofed up missing this obvious mistake.

Thanks for the comment, Joe! I have noticed the "Allision" spots are back running again, still uncorrected....
Update! Unless I dreamed it, they have finally corrected it to Allison. This was in the last few months.
I noticed the corrected card today. Glad I'm not alone in being bothered by it.

Haha, awesome! So it wasn't a dream....

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