Thursday, January 06, 2011

Allision Update And Other Junk

I still haven't captured photo evidence of "Allision Brown," but tonight, a different AAA commercial came on:

Patricia Jones! Spelled normally! I think this proves that they simply effed up the name "Allison" on the other ad. I hope they didn't pull it before I've gotten proof of it....

In other news, my Mexican place of choice in Providence has a new deal, for a "limited time," which is buy one of anything, get one free. The bean soft tacos are already cheap at $2.25. Today, I got two of them, loaded up, with the usual free chips. Total with tax: $2.45. Take a look:

That's a 10-dollar meal, sir. Okay, maybe 8. For two forty-five. Super gold. Now, about those napkins. Whenever I get them at a self-sit restaurant, I grab them and ball them up, and bring them to the table. And everyone is shocked! Am I really expected to take each one and gently fold it? I'm grabbin' six in a row with only one hand available! I'm just tryin' to get 'em out of that holder and move along! Mildly crunched up does not equal "dirty"! Jeez. (In fact, less of the napkin's surface is touching table my way.)

To cap off the randomness, I'm sure long-time readers are wondering why I didn't mention Twilight Zone this New Year's. We were traveling on the 31st starting very early. And Chan doesn't get cable anymore, so we couldn't watch while we were there. Then we didn't get home on the 1st until 2 a.m. At that point, we got to see one episode before bed. It was the one where the professor doesn't realize how many kids he'd helped. (Is "form" how they said "class" or "period" or "semester" back in the 20s or whatever?) So we did continue the tradition. And I have season 1, 2, and 4 on DVD, so we will see a bunch of them in the next few weeks.

Oh! And we have lucked into the HDTV world--my mom got a new flatscreen as a gift, so she handed us down her old-school HDTV. It's the kind with the bulb in the back, and it's not "flat" by any means. But it counts, and it rules. Can't wait to watch some Red Sox action in AwesomeVision.

Jere - what is the name of the Mexican restaurant? We're trying to find a good place in Providence.
Gordito Burrito. (It's not a "waiter"-style restaurant but you can sit in there.)
Gordito Burrito is a quality place, and "Form" is the Britishish way of saying class year (6th Form = High school senior). They used to use it over here in upscale schools. In the Simpsons episode where Skinner interviews proposals for their oil money, Mr Burns, dressed up as a student, says "Me and my forth form chums think it would be quite corking if you turned over the profits to the local energy concern!"
Thanks for the form info.

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