Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Allision Course

Allision Brown is back! Okay, here's the deal. Maybe a year ago, there was a TV commercial for AAA where a girl holds up her card. The name on the card is "ALLISION BROWN." Not Allison, but "Allision" with an extra i. It killed me that I was never able to get a picture of the screen.

Recently, the commercial came back. But in the new version, she holds the thing up for the entire commercial! And she's still "Allision." So now I have a great chance at exposing this mistake to the world! [Insert joke about how my readership consists of a number quite lower than that of the world population.]

But wait. Kim wasn't so sure this was a mistake. So I looked online and found no evidence of Allision being a name. But then Kim said maybe they altered the name in such a way that most people wouldn't notice, while at the same time protecting any real Allison Browns from having any fraud committed against them. I actually think that's a good theory. But I still say it's just a mistake.

It's also interesting that the word "allision" means "the striking of one ship by another." Is AAA giving us some sort of Triple meaning? Allison Allision allision? AAA? Have I solved a mystery? Do I get free roadside assistance for life?

+1 to Kim's theory
Definitely the triple meaning. Too much of a coincidence not to be.
Just saw the ad again. It was on Jeopardy both times. Tomorrow night --this is our first night of having a DVR!!! -- I am recording it so I can get the screen shot.

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