Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Ticket Pick-Up 2009

The 10-game plan is here. Yesterday I got the notice saying it was waiting at the post office. I just went over there, and it was as if they were all waiting to see which one of their neighbors was the one with the ticket package. The woman was so excited, saying, "I know this address." (4 Yawkey Way, not mine.) We talked about going to games and stuff. Then she told me I should have come in earlier, when Sweet Caroline was playing on the radio--that would've been really funny, had I waltzed on in there as that song played. Then a guy came in that looked just like Tito!

Then they informed me that the big plastic thing over the envelope was covering a huge rip, but that they didn't think the tickets were affected--which they weren't. (I have a feeling who made that rip, Penguin! The Yankee fan mailwoman! There was also a suspicious rip in my Red Sox Nation envelope that came yesterday! This year I enrolled so I could go to the Monster Seats during BP, greatly increasing my chances to get a ball. I think it's funny they remembered my original membership number from past years when I've signed up--the first and second years, I think.)

I love when little things like that happen and you get to share nice conversation with people about subjects yr passionate about. Its the little things in life, no?
Yes! The little things kick ass. GIGANTIC ass.

I was very glad it wasn't a mechanical experience. I mean, it's always a highlight of the year, but it's good when you can share the moment with someone. Which is why I always tell you all about it each year anyway.

Last year I had to drive to some far away town to a DHL office, which was minutes from closing, and I had to convince the woman to give me the envelope, since I had an old license. This year, at my new local post office, they were as excited to be holding them and to see me arrive as I was to be getting them!
I didn't get to have a conversation with the guy at my post office when I picked mine up this morning. :(

But one year when they were actually delivered on a Saturday while I was home, I ran downstairs to the apartment building door with no shoes on like in Fever Pitch, and the delivery guy said he was jealous and asked if I had any extras.

Every year when I open the envelope, I re-enact the Fever Pitch scene: A new season... A clean slate... *sniffs* Smells like the year!

(But yeah, I don't miss the 20-mile trip to the DHL facility!)
Oh I totally smelled 'em.
Other ticket day stories:



Looks like I said nothing about '08, but I mentioned that in my above comment, and also '04 I said nothing, but I remember going to the FedEx near the Danbury Fair Mall to get them.
Signed for by A-Rod! ('07) That totally beats any of my ticket-related potential horror stories!
You are crazy paranoid about our mail woman.
Just so you know, it's officially at joke level now, with Matty having compared her to the penguin from Billy Madison, and me having told him how you say I'm paranoid, etc.

However, it doesn't mean I'm any less paranoid--you saw that rip in the envelope!

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