Friday, March 09, 2007

"The Day"

A year ago, I wrote a happy story about my 10-game plan tickets arriving. I'd recently revisited that post and realized that today should be the day my tickets arrive this year. At 2:00 today, I got an e-mail from the Red Sox, confirming my tickets had shipped. (They've never done this before.) They even gave me the tracking number. So, I was right, today was the day. I went to the Dee Aytch Ell site and entered my number: They'd arrived! But a signature is required for pick up. Oh, no, I've got to go to some place and get them, I thought. Then I looked down further down the page: "Signed for by: A RODRIGUEZ"

A-Rod was stealing my tickets!

I got home, and fortunately, A. Rodriguez was the really nice dude from the cleaners' next door. He gave me my package, and I thanked him, not nearly enough considering what was inside. Seeing those tickets all together, unripped, like when you sometimes get two Cheese Nips stuck together, side by's a thrill that renews itself every March.

So I've got some more ticket pics for you. Ones I hadn't seen yet: Schilling--who shares his thoughts on the Extra Innings controversy on his blog here--pictured just after a pitch at Fenway; Timlin, finally getting his due, ticket-pic-wise; and Dice, which I'd heard about--it's him at his locker, wearing a suit. I also got another '67 one: Lonborg with his arm around a happy Yaz in the clubhouse.

Funny stuff. And now that the tickets are in your hands, inside your house, safe and warm, comes the ritual, the "where do I store them" period of time until the ceremonial ripping apart as each game (each victory) comes to be. A special moment, one I'm familiar with for certain concert tickets and the like. And even though I knew my seats were safe in the jewlery box, I would always check tham whenever I felt any nonsensical tinge of doubt. And you know what?? They were ALWAYS there. But just the sight of them made my heart sing.
So Jere, love those tickets, and then use them in good health.

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