Tuesday, March 15, 2005

"The New Phone Books Are Here!"

Got my 10th-Human Plan tickets today! I knew the tickets had the trophy on them, but with my strips of five, I get to see our new friend in an array of poses: One with regular lighting, one with a tint of purple light, one where Troph' is tipped toward us (as if to say, "You like what you see? Huh?") showing the inside of its base, bathed in purple light, one with the uniform and hat, and another with uni and hat positioned slightly different. Ly.

More important are those two games against the yanks.

I'm am just achin' for this now.

Clay F'n Achin'!

On Steve "Far From Sterling" Silva's site today, he said that Duke Castiglione (son of Sox announcer Joe, and New York TV sports guy) sent him an email saying he'd be sending the Oversized Dog a bottle opener that plays his dad's World Series-ending call. (Click here to watch his recreation of said call from the Sox' Trophy trip to the New Haven Green.)

Now why do I get the feeling that Duke read Senor Perro's scathing review (scathing in my mind, being a huge Castig fan) of Joe's call, and in a razzing fashion, sent him a keychain which played the call?

If that wasn't the case, and El Duque de Castiglione just happens to be a dirt dog reader, and sent DD the keychain as a gift, well, that makes me feel totally left out--If only the Castiglione family could be sitting around their fireplace, chatting about the Red Sox, sharing their love for one another, while spinning yarns of broadcast booths past and present--and saying how great A Red Sox Fan In Pinstripe Territory is to the Castigliones, wishing they could read about their own antics in each and every post, but humbly accepting that ARSFIPT has to spend some time writing about other things, like bashing Michael Kay.

But no, Dirt Dog gets ALL the readers because people want--well, whatever it is he provides that everybody seems to love so much.

But again, I'm guessing the first scenario is what really happened.

Thanks for reading, Castigliones all! If only in my mind. (E-mail me and I'll tell you where to send that bottle opener (the ultra-deluxe pro-Castiglione, anti-dirt dog model with kung-fu grip, please))

I told you: he's concise. Therein lies all his appeal (and most of his value). Accuracy not neccessarily required ...

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