Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First True Gray Of '09

The little gray envelope. The one that you know has Red Sox tickets inside even if it's facing down. I got my first of the year today. It's the contents of my Sox Pax (singular), for which I already had gotten the un-exciting "your tickets are on the way" envelope. Next up should be the other tickets I got in that same December sale, followed by the ones I bought yesterday, followed by the ones I'll be trying to get Saturday, followed by the ones I get in any Monster Seat/Yankee sales, followed by any others I get all season long. Oh, plus that trip to DHL to pick up my 10-game plan tix.

News and notes: They unfolded the pocket schedule by one fold to make the envelope flatter. Nice touch! ... They still have that problem where the stick'em on the gray envelope sticks to the inner white envelope which contains the tix. ... I see a lot of new ballpark tour options on the pocket sked ,including "lunch on the Monster," and pre-and post game tours. ... It's always fun to see the various pictures that appear on the tickets. The ones I got today all had the same pic: Jon Lester pitching in the ninth inning of his no-hitter. ... My worries about the Yankee fan mail-lady stealing (or destroying) my Sox tix have been calmed slightly with the successful arrival of this envelope.

News unrelated to that envelope: We've still got a Kwiz going on and a team to buy.

Bonus news: Some Fox/ESPN games have been announced, check the Sox sked for those. That Sunday May game vs. Tampa will be an ESPN 8:00 game. Also, some Fox games are 4:10 while others are 3:40.


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