Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kwiz Eleven Alive

Kwiz solved. Joe Rudi HR, Bill Lee opposing starter, 8/7/1981. More info and source of pic here.

New clue, 1/27, 12:03 AM: The visiting team is a major league team, but the game did not count in the standings.

Kwiz clue, 6:55 PM, 1/20/09: This picture, which appears smaller here, will go much bigger than the other one when zoomed. I think this should help steer people in the right direction:

Also, the person who took this picture is gonna get huge credit--I just can't say who it is yet as to not give away the answer. As soon as someone does, the proper credit will be given.

Two players hit home runs in the game, both for the Red Sox. One was Jim Rice, who was the other? And who was the starting pitcher for the visiting team?

Dual excitement right now. It's the eve of the end of George Bush's reign of error, and a mini-Tixmas Eve, as the Red Sox presale is tomorrow.

My mom's going to Obama's inauguration. Look for her.

Butch Hobson, Steve Stone?
Yastrzemski homered. Sam Hinds started. 5/21/77
The visiting team's starting pitcher was Jesse Jefferson.

The other batter was...also Jim Rice.
Wrong, wrong, and wrong. This one's gonna be fun.
Burleson + Kirkwood
My next guess, on the assumption that someone else has already taken a shot:

Tony Armas

Mark Langston
Sorry...I couldn't wait
(insert the John Belushi shrug from Animal House after he smashes the guitar)
You assumed correctly, but your answer, along with pweezil's, is wrong.
Your mom is crazy. Trust me, she's crazy to come to DC today. Just trust me on this one.
Other Batter: Marc Sullivan

Visitors Starting Pitcher: Dave Stieb
AJM: wrong.

Matty, you're probably right re: DC.
Oh, I was so right...so very, very over inauguration...
Armas + Clancy
I actually think Mike was right with the first answer. Unless the visiting team in the pic isn't Baltimore, Hobson/Stone is the only game that fits this description.
I think Mike is definitely wrong with that answer! I know, actually....

Did you look at the larger zoomed-in shot?
Cecil Cooper HR, Gaylord Perry SP

Sox v Rangers 05/09/76?
That is incorrect.
Dwight Evans, John Candelaria?
No and no.
Armas + Leibrandt
No and no. (Armas was guessed already--I will say so if anyone gets either of the two guys.)
Carlton Fisk HR, Jim Colborn SP

V Brewers 05/15/76
Those are incorrect.
Stapleton + Norris
No and no.
Lynn HR, Jones SP

V Mariners, 5/5/79?
Nope and nope.

Wade Boggs HR, Don Sutton SP

09/10/84 v Brewers?
Sorry....neither correct.
I'm thinking it's the Expos in 1981, and Bill Lee was the pitcher, but for the life of me I can't figure out who homered. It must have been an exhibition game of some sort.
Quinn wrote this, at the post with the clue notification:

"The visiting team looks like the Montreal Expos. Could this have been an in-season exhibition game, like the one the Sox played against the Mets in 1986 and 1987?

Home run hit by Rich Gedman? Off ex-Sox Bill Lee maybe?"

So Quinn and Tim J both said the Expos and Lee. That is correct! I didn't post either comment till now, so neither of them saw the other's comment, so both will get equal credit for Lee. Tim added 1981, which is also the correct year.

But, there's more to get! All you know for sure now is that it was the Expos and it was 1981. But who homered for the Red Sox in this game besides Jim Rice?
Carney Lansford
For those of you interested in seeing more photos from that game, including the one that Jere posted above:

Not Carney.

And, yes, that's where I got the pic from. Like I said, I was gonna wait to give the guy credit until the kwiz was over, but I guess it's okay to post that now since that guy doesn't give the exact date. I had to figure that out on my own.
The other homer by Joe Rudi?

Finally this kwiz is done...
Dammit...I was just about to guess Rudi.

I figured I wasn't spoiling anything with that link. I assume this game was played around 8/7 or 8/8 as a post-strike tune-up for the 2nd half of the year. I vaguely remember it.
Mike pweezil AJM Neil H

Tim J and Quinn get 2.8 each since they each got the Expos, and one got the year and one got the other Sox player.

Mike, pweezil, AJM, Neil H: .1 each.

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