Thursday, January 15, 2009

Own The Red Sox With Me

[UPDATE: Fundable page is up. Go here to contribute. Remember, no one will have to pay anything unless we raise the entire amount. And if we do reach it but don't buy the team, I'll pay you all back.]

Remember when I had the idea to buy a minor league baseball team, and as usual with my wacky ideas, before I said anything about it, I saw a story about fans who bought a sports team on the front page of The New York Times, and gave up on the idea?

Well, the solution to my problem was staring me in the face. A Red Sox fan, looking at the Times, thinking of buying a sports team....

That's right, people, we're gonna buy the Red Sox. We've all heard that the Times is supposedly looking for a buyer for its 17 percent share of the Sox.


They say the share of the team "could be worth up to 160 million dollars." But we're in a recession here, people. They can take or leave our offer of ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS.

But we need the help of our millionaire pals. Millionaires, you have the money--don't you wanna own the Red Sox with me? If I can find one hundred millionaires to pitch in a mere ONE MILLION DOLLARS each, we'll have our cash. The rest of you, just mention in the comments that you'll pledge, let's say, ten dollars IF we end up buying the team, and you'll be a part of our ownership group. I'll even pitch in a hundred bucks myself. I'll be the president of the group, but everyone will get their own title and job.

Also, if you know any millionaires, send them my way. Oh, and if you know a billionaire, ask her if she'll pitch in the entire 100 million.

El Presidente Jere, I would be pleased to pledge ten dollars of United States currency. If you pull this off, I'll even cover your hundred for you.

Now, must find a few millionaires...
Sweet! Welcome aboard.
Ohhh I'd pledge - probably $100 or so.

~Sarah (aka SoxyLady)
Hundred bucks for me... I'd do it!
You can count me in for $100. Heck, maybe more. Owning (an infinitesimal portion of) the Red Sox would be the coolest thing I've ever done in my life.
Was this by any chance inspired by the old Steve Martin bit explaining how to be a millionaire and NOT pay taxes?

Actually, wasn't this basically how Haywood Sullivan bought the Sox in the '70's?

In any case, I'm in. But I want a title that sounds more impressive than my actual position.
There's taxes? ....

So, the Fundable page is now up! I've kicked in my hundred. Maybe as we get close to the 100,000 (which is as high as Fundable lets you go), I can ask them to raise it to 100 million, so it doesn't automatically kick 100 grand into my paypal account which I'd have to pay back one by one if we don't reach the TRUE goal. But they definitely let you keep collecting once the goal is reached, which is good.

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