Wednesday, December 03, 2008

This Dustin

Pedroia signed through 2014!

(Note: As Nick pointed out, a new Pedroia story means the same bogus stat rehashed about Ripken/Howard. In the above article, in the AP release, etc. I decided to write a letter to Amalie Benjamin, explaining the whole thing. We'll see if she responds.)

This is SUCH great news. Plenty of money for Youk and who knows who else. I am SO happy.
cool. a decent deal it seems.

May I just add, that according to this article FY joins "Cal Ripken Jr. and Ryan Howard as the only players in baseball history to follow a rookie award with an MVP." Awesome; did you know that? Who could do better than that?

And, he's short.
Arrgh! I didn't even see that they did that! Stupid Rosenthal. I only linked that crap because at the time there were only like three articles out there and it was the least of three evils....

You won't be surprised to learn that I thought of yet ANOTHER good analogy about that. But I forget what it was now...
Didn't mean to aggravate your peeve, but it was just sitting there, ripe. How swell that I get an above (or below for that matter) the fold name check. How easily pleased am I?

The AP article you link to broadens the terms even more by saying "...joining Cal Ripken Jr. and Ryan Howard as the only players in baseball history to follow a rookie award with an MVP" [my emphasis]. Not in two consecutive years, but following. I'm too lazy to check, but I wonder if the RotY awards came out before the MVP awards for Lynn and Ichiro.
I thought of that too! How sweet would it be if Lynn got his MVP after his ROY....

I'll check it out....
YES! Lynn won ROY on 10/28/75, FOLLOWED it up with MVP on 11/26/75.

Same with Ichiro: ROY 11/11/01, MVP 11/20/01.

Ad the articles said he joined Lynn as the only guy to do it in one year. Not, "he joins Lynn and Cal Ripken as the three guys who either....." etc.
I'm really psyched about signing Dustin to a long term.
I was sitting at my son's house last night watching the Carolina game when I saw the news flash across the bottom-of-the-screen-ticker and I just whooped out loud. Scared his dog. Again. Of course, since we WERE watching the continuous highlight reel that is this years Carolina team, the dogs got startled several times.
Speaking of that - as you ARE in New England - how about my Heels and those Huskies?
For the guys, Heels are Ranked #1 and Huskies #2. In the ladies dept. Connecticut is #1 and UNC #2. Wouldn't it be wild if the same 2 teams played in both National Championship games?
Of course, that's a long way off.
Back to baseball and miscredited honors :)
My brief history of UConn athletics: Never liked them, they always stank anyway, then, 1990, the Tate George shot, etc, I was okay with that, my cousin even babysat Scott Burell, then the next year, suddenly EVERYONE loved UConn! And that's the moment it started making me sick and I've been anti-UConn ever since, even though it's the state I was born and raised in.

I'd root for UNC over them.

As much as Peter doesn't like to hear it...
Not to belabor the point, but this popped into my head when I was failing falling asleep.

If the ROY awards generally precede the announcement of the MVP, then almost any player who has won ROY and a subsequent MVP qualifies as one of "the only players in baseball history to follow a rookie award with an MVP".

semantic, but still.

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