Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First Man To Ever Use YouTube! (This Minute)

Was having a disagreement over at Joy of Sox. I really needed to say this, like, talking, so, here you go:

To add another example: Would it not be misleading to say "Hank Aaron is the only man in the history of baseball to hit 755 home runs"? And leave it at that?

Update, 12:27 AM: Okay, here's where the confusion may lie. When you talk about doing something in consecutive seasons, you're usually talking about a feat you can only achieve once per season, i.e. "50 HR in two consecutive seasons." But when you've got two feats which can be achieved in the same season, you don't go talking about them in consecutive seasons. If someone won the the batting title in 2006, the HR title in 2007, and the RBI title in 2008, would you say the player "joins X and Y as the only three to win these titles in three consecutive years"? Of course not, because some guys have done it all in one year, i.e. won the Triple Crown. You gonna ignore Triple Crown winners? Again, yes, the player would be in the club of "guys who've won the three titles within a three-year span," along with the Triple Crown winners, but you wouldn't talk about their less-than-Triple-Crown-club on its own.

I also think the fact that another article (the Red Sox press release about Dustin winning) says it the way I think it should be said, means that Ian Browne just effed up:

"Ryan Howard (2005-06) and Ripken Jr. (1982-83) are the only other players ever to earn league MVP honors one season after being named Rookie of the Year. Fred Lynn (1975) and Suzuki (2001) won both awards in the same season."

See? They add in Lynn and Ichiro at the end. You can't leave them out. Ian Browne left them out.
Yup. Lying by omission.

(I mean, I don't think he was trying to lie, I think he just effed up. Or something. Or his editor cut a line.)

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