Thursday, November 20, 2008

"I Use My Own Car, Paul"

We were in Middletown, CT tonight, reading/signing copies of Dirty Water at Broad Street Books, which is the Weslyan bookstore. The crowd wasn't huge like it's been for a few of our other events, but everyone who came bought a book. One woman bought six. It was a great time. As always we met plenty of interesting people.

We've got a few more events before the holidays. At least one in Boston and at least one in CT. I'll keep you posted.

I'm eating a Red Sox ice cream sandwich right now. While wearing a Red Sox shirt and a Red Sox hat, having just signed copies of my Red Sox book with a Red Sox pen. Who says it's not baseball season?!

This morning I was lying in bed, still trying to think of ways to further convince doubters about the Fred Lynn thing. Because they say only Pedroia and those others won the ROY and MVP in consecutive seasons. Up until now, I was admitting that that was technically true, yet still wrong, as Lynn and Ichiro did it in one season. But now I'm gonna say it: It's not true. Fred Lynn has won the ROY and MVP in consecutive seasons. Over 1975 and 1976, a two-year stretch, i.e. "consecutive seasons," Fred Lynn did win both. He just happened to win both in one of the two seasons. (You could also say 1974 and 1975.) I think maybe if I'd thought of it this way earlier, well, I would've done a lot less writing. And talking. Wait, maybe a better way to say it would be to use the phrase "in consecutive seasons or better." If you don't know what I'm talking about, scroll back over the last few days, but I kinda recommend just letting it go--it's a real whirlwind adventure, and you're busy.

Cyn, aka Toeing the Rubber, who happens to be a huge Fred Lynn fan anyway, is on board.


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