Monday, March 17, 2008

Four Things

1. Plenty of dates to choose from in the Manny's 500th homer contest. 1a. Kwiz going on.

2. Still waiting for part two of the game I announced (as Castiglione and Trupiano) over on Cardboard Gods, but you can listen to part one here. When you get home from work, I guess.

3. Have you been watching Black Magic? I came across it last night by accident. It's a history of black colleges in basketball narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. Two hours last night, and part two, two more hours tonight. Great stuff, and a great soundtrack. Try to see it next time it's on.

4. My new thing is taking picture of planes crossing in front of the moon. A lot of flights come out of Big Papi and go right over our house. At certain times, it's one after the other, and if the moon is out, it's a rogue photographer's dream come true. I got a great one tonight--a close-up--that I haven't uploaded yet. But check out this one from last week. It's a wide shot, and I've vertically sliver-ized it. It's huge, so when you click on it, you'll probably have to scroll down to see the sunset and the trees. My holy grail, of course, is a shot of a plane actually obscuring part of the moon. Kim says I'm gonna end up as an old man who charts planes in one of these.


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