Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kwiz Lock

Whose eye is this? (The obvious clue is that this is a plaque, and not the person's actual eye.)

Update, 3/18, 8:36 PM: Here's more of the face:

Final Update, 3/19, 10:13 AM: AJM gets it. Fred Lynn. The picture is from Fenway Park, in the Red Sox Hall of Fame. Here it is:

Tony Conigliaro.
willie mays
Nope. Does kinda look like him, though. Nice try.
Ted Williams?
Nope, sorry. I think after a bunch more guesses, I'll reveal more of the face.
Nope. Sorry.
A-Rod after crying & ruining his mascara?
Nope. I've never taken a picture of a plaque of A-Rod...

Oh, I guess I forgot to mention, it's a picture I took myself.
Nope. Closest guess so far. Interpret that how you will.
Jimmie Foxx?
Dave Winfield?
Not at all.
Rick Ferrell
Tony Perez?
No and no. I'm gonna reveal more face!
Lefty Grove
Nope! "Lefty" does apply to this guy, though. That's a clue.
No on Boggs.
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Steven Norman Carlton?
Rick Miller?
No, no, no.

(Is there a plaque of Rick Miller somewhere?)
Fred Lynn
Woohoo! (I was starting to think you should get this one after a while...) Fred Lynn it is. I will post the full pic now.
When you said that Fisk was the closest guess to that point, I was thinking "Red Sox HoF Catcher" and went with Ferrell. But then it occurred to me that the answer probably wasn't someone in the Baseball HoF, but rather the Sox' HoF that I know you took pictures of a while back. Then Fisk Era + Lefty meant it either had to be Lynn or Bill Lee, but that pic didn't look like the Spaceman.
Nice job.

I'd give you six, but I did give clues, so I gotta give a .1 to everybody else.

pweezil, matty, kara, mike, 9casey, 0.1 each.

AJM: 5.5.
Unfortunately, in a few days I'm going to find myself forced to take an unwanted hiatus from posting, so it's looking like I won't have the opportunity to make a huge comeback for the three-peat.

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