Friday, December 01, 2006

For Mississauga

Vote for Joy of Sox! Category 13. Last day!

I often use the Willis/Beauty Pageant analogy in situations where someone loses, say, an MVP vote because the guy had a teammate in the running, causing voters to split votes between the teammates and allowing someone from another team to win. (Interesting how even with multiple Twins in this year's race, one still won, so I didn't get to use the analogy.) Recently, I found among my old tapes the footage of the exact moment from Diff'rent Strokes where Willis sums up the whole concept. Now, the analogy doesn't fit into the current Canadian Blog Awards vote, but, hey, I wanted to get this onto the web, and there are five candidates in the race, just like in Willis and Kimberly's pageant. So, here's the classic scene:

It's amazing to me how we in the Joy camp are doing exactly enough to keep the race between Joy and some hockey blog perfectly even, at least for the last ten hours or so. It's kind of like how 90 feet is the perfect distance from home to first. Overall, Joy's holding a 490-439 lead with 24 hours left in the voting. (In my head I envisioned a 51-point midnight lead at around 6:00, and I was dead on. I don't expect you to believe that since it's undocumented, but anyone who knows me knows it's probably true.)

People, it all comes down to Friday. We've fought long and hard. It's been a long haul up this mountain, but we're not at the summit yet. We've battled through rain, sleet, snow and ice. We lost a few along the way, sure. We weren't the favorites in this thing, after all. But we're here--what's left of us, anyway--we're together, and we're as proud a squadron as I have ever come across in all my years. I mean that, people. So I want everybody to get out there, bust your butts, and leave everything out on that polling place floor. And another thing: Don't come back without a trophy in your hand.

Now let's go! Go! Go! Aaaaarrrrrrrr!!!!!


You have brilliant site!
The feeling mutual.
Isn't it a basketball blog?
No, RaptorBlog, round one winner is, but we've determined that the current #2 is Battle of Alberta, a hockey blog done by three dudes, aka Bat Albert and the Hockey Kids. 519-456. 65 point lead.

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