Wednesday, July 06, 2005

America Has Spoken

Jeter is officially not an All-Star. The old Diff'rent Strokes theory worked in our favor here. Jeter and Matsui both were in that vote for the final spot, making yankee fans divide their votes, much like when Willis ran in the beauty contest against a bunch or females. Willis' idea was that the girls of the class would divide their vote among the ladies, while all the dudes would vote for him. The funny thing is that I've mentioned this on this blog before.

It really is interesting, though. Because a lot of players get in based on reputation. So there's no excuse for Jeter. People have simply realized that he's not that great a ballplayer. If I want stats, I'll take David Ortiz, if I want fundamentals, give me Lou Merloni. There's just no room for Derek Jeter in today's world. Poor, poor Derek.

Torre couldn't help him, since Yankees blew chance, BIG Time, for '04 World Series. Also, since Tim Mc Carver is quite-despised, this also hurt Derek Jeter, as well.

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