Saturday, September 11, 2004

Whatchoo Talkin' Bout, Kay?

Tonight, Chan & I saw the comedian Brian Regan at Caroline's on Broadway in NYC. This man could be the funniest person alive. I laughed so hard, I became light-headed.

Afterwards, we stopped at one of these public restrooms that has a seating area surrounding it. What are those called...oh yeah, Starbucks. Chan had his laptop with him. He turned it on to find that the yanks were down 13-8. Vasquez had given up eight runs.

A lot of people seemed to think that the yanks were "back," and would now pull away. How they got this from beating the Devil Rays, I don't know. You know, it was actually good that they swept the Rays. Not just because it gave the fans false hope, but also because now they can't complain that the whole hurricane thing cost them any losses--yet. They may still have to play one more at the end of the year if it's necessary.

Kay had Jason Stark on his radio show yesterday. He was the one media person, besides Kay himself, who defended the yanks in the forfeit fiasco. So they had a little love fest/interview, and then today, Kay got all up in arms about Selig being "irate" at the yanks. He kept whining about how everyone kills the yanks just because they're the yanks. He said if the yanks fed children in Somalia, people would still complain.

Well, Michael, they didn't feed children, they tried to make a team forfeit a game because they were stuck in a hurricane. Any team that does that is gonna get what they deserve.

So hopefully we won't have to hear any more about this, especially since the yanks swept the series.

Sheffield was 0 for 5 tonight, which doesn't help his New York media-aided MVP run. yankee people seem to think that Manny and Ortiz will split a lot of votes, giving Sheffield the award. What is this? That episode of Diff'rent Strokes where Willis enters the High School Beauty Pageant, figuring all the guys will vote for him,while the girls' vote will be split among the female contestants?

How about this theory--Sheffield gets a fourth place vote from every writer, and finishes behind Manny, Ortiz, and Guerrero.

1080 was barely listenable, but I did get to hear the Manny grand slam--his 40th HR of the year--in the car on 684 (home of the 684 UFO).

We're 2 1/2 back and the magic number dropped 2 to 25. I knew we couldn't sweep the M's, for the simple reason that Ichiro is on that team, and it's hard to beat a team with him on it 4 in a row. So hopefully that was the only loss. Tonight the Sox used 20 players in the 13-2 win. Good to see Trot, Pokey, Youk, and Williamson on the field--on the same night!

Randomly got sweet tix from a Met fan for Shea tomorrow and Monday, where I haven't been since that game where the Sox got 1-hit a few years ago. It's only an hour away, and I'll be able to strrrrretch out in my seat, and have a good chance for a foul ball. These are the first of my 7 games in 15 days: Shea tomorrow and Monday for a doubleheader--none of these games will cause me to miss a Sox game. Then Fenway on the 15th. Stadium on the17th for Sox-yanks. Fenway on the 22nd, and on the 25th for Sox-yanks again.


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