Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ye Olde Pedro

Pedro vs. the Red Sox tonight. That's a weird sentence to write. Here are some of my past rantings on the man. If you really want more, just check the archives. It's endless. Especially from late 2004, between the World Series and his departing.

From April 2004, about BDD and Pedro.

From last Friday, about why we'll cheer Pedro.

From yesterday morning, reiterating why we definitely won't boo Pedro.

Another quick thing about BDD. Why does he get mad at people who leave for more money when he himself sold his independent soul, I mean site, to The Boston Globe? Talk about "bolting for New York" (Times).

His latest thing is claiming that Sox fans will boo Pedro tonight and will cheer Johnny next time he's in town. Too late, Dog, the people have already spoken. The fact that he actually expects Red Sox fans to willingly chant "Who's Your Daddy?" makes him lose any credibility he had left.

One thing I am thinking about is the possibility of Pedro coming up and in on one of our hitters, you know, accidentally. The crowd won't boo, but will instead kind of be like, "Ho! Heyyyy!!!" And Pedro will start cracking up, first covering his mouth with his glove, and then everyone will laugh, and he'll throw his arms up playfully. Should be a funny scene, I think.

Wow, I just went over to the land of DD and could not believe all the crazy negativity he was posting around Pedro. What's the deal? I guess he still doesn't get it: Petey did not go to the Yankees. Johnny did. It's really that simple.
It's funny how he's trying to take HIS personal hatred for Pedro (which he had even when Pedro was on the Sox) and trying to turn it into "we all hate Pedro, right?"

I hope the Globe is watching this nonsense and just fires him. I hate how he even tries to deceive people into thinking we don't like Pedro, with that horribly illustrated pic of a "Who's Your Daddy" sign on the Monster. (with duct tape holding the bottom of the sign to the wall! Yeah, Dog, those people repelled down the wall ten feet to put tape on there!)

Steve Silva is an embarrassment to the human race.

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