Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Celizic's Entire Family's "Got To" Get Cancer

The offending article in question by Mike "Should Have To Watch Own Family Die Slowly In Front Of Him If They Haven't Abondoned Him Already" Celizic here.

This is the same guy who said, during 2004, that the Red Sox will lose to the Yankees simply because it says "Boston" on their chests. (Yet strangely wasn't fired after the ALCS...)

Now he's not saying what he feels we should do, but that we've got to boo Pedro. Just another person who doesn't get it. Either that or he's just looking for attention.

I'm so confused as to the uncertainty here. Do you know anyone, (not including media members, who always hated Pedro and drove him out of boston in the first place), who wants to boo Pedro? Have you ever seen people selling anti-Pedro shirts outside Fenway?

Can it be possible that people just aren't figuring out that we booed Johnny Damon because he went to the Yankees? I'm sure a lot of Yankee fans are confused, as they've never come to grips with the fact that everyone besides them hates their team with a passion. So, I'm telling you, that was the reason. Johnny came to Fenway Park dressed in pinstripes. Dead to us. Most of us, anyway.

Pedro? Well, like every other player we've ever loved coming back to town, we'll cheer him. No debate. No drama. No uncertainty.

I knew they'd make an issue about this. I knew I'd have to write this completely obvious stuff over and over and over. I knew the media would confuse even people who should know what's what. I heard an EEI host over the weekend saying, "I thought they'd cheer Pedro, but after I saw what they did to Johnny, I'm not so sure." What? Hellooooo McFly! I almost drove to the station to just beat some sense into the guy.

That'd be like if your best friend said to you, "I thought I'd be greeted warmly at your house, but after I saw what you did to that Nazi when he showed up at your door, I'm not so sure I want to come over."

Are people really this stupid? Or, more likely, just looking for a story when there isn't one?

Or is his hat, when removed, reveal an empty head, the top half removed to form a straight flat surface, ala Hannibal Lector? I really do not know, after reading his piece. Good job.
I wrote this guy at celizic@yahoo.com to tell him what a TJ he did here.
One more question - do I have the terminology right here? You do a "TJ", not make a "TJ", right? I'm confused as to whether we use the acronym as the object or what it stands for. Can someone in the booth make a call on this?
About that article I mentioned from '04, I wrote directly to him. He didn't respond. Please let us know if he responds to you.

And you "commit" a TJ. So "do" also works. Like, a job well done, only it's a job terribly done.
Cancer? A little harsh, but I know it was a literary use of words...I hope.
You know, those sores you get in your mouth....

Just pointing out that I can no more tell a person they've "got to" get cancer than someone else can tell me what I've "got to" do.

And for him telling people what they've got to do, he'll suffer. The cosmos will get him. Dude, if I were his brother, and I got cancer, I'd be on my death bed saying to him, "you...did...this...to....me...."
I was just confused as to whether TJ is still strictly just a shortening of "terrible job" or whether the acronym has a life of its own. Personally I like it having a life of its own so I can use it in verb from : "He TJ'd that ball so badly..."
it mos def has a life of its own. Like, I'll say "Teej Louise!" sometimes.

You know what's awesome? New Yankee pitcher TJ Beam. His initials are TL, interestingly. But I'm sure at some point somebody said, "You're not a TL, you're definitely a TJ."
Gammons.....braim aneurism..I hope I'm wrong.
You're right. Says he'll be in intensive care for 10-12 days.

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