Friday, June 23, 2006


Are we really doing this again? Are all the reporters going to write articles, honestly not knowing how fans will react to Pedro Martinez? Let me spell this out for everyone:

Red Sox fans like Pedro.

Reed Sox fans no like Yankees.

Pedro not on Yankees.

Red Sox fans cheer Pedro.

And I'm seriously pissed off so much at BDD right now, for thinking it's his place to
tell people what to do and think. And at for not immediately putting a stop to his comepletely worthless website. At least he's making a fool of himself, and I hope people notice that.

Next time you go to Fenway, take a look around at all the people, say, standing around in the Big Concourse, or over by that other big food area under the left field grandstand. Ask yourself, How many of these people spend hours online reading Red Sox fan sites? You'll realize the number is not only low, but negligible. People have families. And lives. They don't all sit around indoors calculating the effects of wind on Jason Johnson's batting average against. A dude like me who watches the games, writes about the team almost daily, and follows them on what I consider a "normal" level, would probably be considered "fanatical" among your average section of Fenway Park. (But overall we're still the most knowledgeable in baseball, easily.)

My point is, even if everyone who's blindly loyal to dirtdogs (read: Dead To Me's) attempts to get tickets to Pedro's first game back at Fenway, the number of people who haven't even heard of BDD and who don't spend every hour of their waking lives poring over Gammons article after Shaughnessy article will outnumber them fifty-fold. And you know what these non-internet, real life people know about Pedro? 1. Fucking awesome pitcher. 2. Fucking awesome, lovable guy. 3. Won us the fucking World Series. 4. Didn't bow down and suck the microscopic penis of George Steinbrenner, when he had every opportunity to, and in fact spurned the man by going to the Yankees' other rival.

Read number 4 again if you're still confused.

This majority will cheer Pedro, loud and long. As will the entire Red Sox dugout, Curt Schilling included. At that point, even the morons will realize their mistake, and join in the love-fest for the greatest Red Sox pitcher of all-time.

Cheering for Petey is great, until the game starts. I know that's what you meant. And the greatest Sox pitcher of ALL TIME........questionable. But he's up there! You have to go farther back. But I agree with your essence, even though I never see a comment from brilliant you on my blog. I expect that from Reb, why, I have no idea, but not from you. But hey, that's OK.
Amen! Great post!
Thanks, Kristin.

Peter, writing "second- to-fourth-best" just wouldn't have given this article the punch I was going for there at the end.
I have no doubts that Pedro will get a thunderous ovation on Wednesday night. It will be well-deserved, and I will be standing and applauding at Professor Thom's for him as well. As for BDD, he's a bigot who has it in for the black and Latin players on the Sox. I don't waste my time with his drivel.
Ahhh, The Boston Dirt "Media Whores":

F--- Steve Silva!
Jere, I am in possession of two of the shittiest seats in Fenway (ooh, Bleachers 38 - under the scoreboard - YAY!) ONLY because I want to be IN Fenway on Wednesday to cheer Petey!!

And I'll end up getting in a fight with the first idiot who boos him.

Excellent post. You know I share your hatred for Steve Silva and BDD. (And "The q" hit the nail right on the head as well!)
Jere, it's rare, I know, but I am with you all the way on the Petey issue. Anybody that boos Pedro, or wishes him ill was never a Red Sox fan to begin with. The memories of great games and great accomplishments that I will always cherish, that he single-handedly created, those will last a lifetime. Where were you when he struck out 17 Yunks? Where were you when he no-hit the Indians out of the pen? Where were you when he mowed down like 15 Cards in a row in game 3? We all know where we were...I sure as shit don't remember where I was when Damon crashed into a wall a thousand different times or where I was when he one-handedly slapped an opposite field hit. Pedro was The RED SOX. For that he must be saluted and his detractors beaten. Beazer, give 'em hell out there in 38. And Jere, no matter what size your shirt, it's not big enough to contain your heart and your talent.
Thanks, everybody. Now BDD is telling us to act like Yankee fans and say "Who's Your Daddy?" Terible.

Hasn't he done enough to Pedro? (Like help drive him out of town in the first place?)

The worst part is that he's got a doctored photo of fans at Fenway holding up a "Who's Your Daddy!!" (should be question marks, moron), to further try to fool people. Like, "Hey, see, other fans are saying it." If I were in that doctored photo, I'd sue.
Silva, methinks, is a closet YANKEES Fan:

He's like all that North Jersey White Trash, who on their "Urban Adventures", in That Part of The Bronx, @ "The Toilet";

Silva is like "Eric Cartman", only in print;
A neo-Fascistic, Hitler Wannabe, who would feel comfortable, being a "Bleacher Creature";

F--k Silva & his Ick, I mean, Ilk; Ok, Both!

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