Friday, October 29, 2010


Remember Waterfuls?


I continue to not care about who wins the World Series, but I will say that the Rangers getting their asses kicked makes the Yanks look even worse. So there's that whole deal. And it would be cool to see Mad Dog get his championship. So I'm kind of saying "go Giants," but in a "matters as much to me as whether that gerbil over there shits brown or light brown" kind of way. And I don't even see a gerbil.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Paying some attention to the WS, but if a Shawshank or a Lost Boys was on I'd turn away. Just heard McCarver say that in the first decade of World Series play, it was a best-of-9. Well, he's ten percent right! The nine-game format appeared in the first World Series in 1903, but then went away until 1919, when it had a three-year run before disappearing forever. TJ as yewzh, T-Mac.


Hey, not only is it an October 27th, it's a Wednesday, October 27th! Sweeeeeeet.... Happy Independence Day, everyone.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hopper Ave.

Tried to get a glimpse of Obama tonight, as he was in my city. Had to settle for seeing the highway with no cars on it, cleared for his motorcade. We went to a spot where we could look down at the highway, and I videotaped the scene in both directions. As I was walking back to the car, I noticed an SUV nearby, and a guy next to it talking on a walkie-talkie. I didn't realize until then that I probably looked like a sniper! In fact, why did he just let me stand there pointing this object at the highway and then let me drive away?! Get your heads in the game, Secret Service!

Actually, it was probably just a cop. We saw one pulled over by a different highway overpass, and I saw them at several exits on 95 on my way home from work, and may roads on the East Side were closed off. It's crazy how entire sections of the country shut down when the Prez passes through. But it's pretty cool when you think about it--a few decades ago, black people would have to wait to do something until white people were finished. Now all these whiteys have to sit there stuck in traffic: "Sorry, have to wait! Black man who's way more powerful than you comin' through!" I love it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Big Orange Vs. The East Randol Mill Road Blues

For those of us under 56, we've never seen the Giants or Rangers win the World Series. Until this year. So there's that.

The good news for (some) New York fans is that the Giants and Rangers are playing for the title. The bad news for those same parenthetical fans is that...well this joke is longer than it is funny but I think you know what I mean.

New episode of Randomonium below, from the Jackolantern Spectacular at Roger Williams Park here in Providence. I recommend going, but do not make the fatal mistake of going on a weekend. Trust me.

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