Friday, October 29, 2010


I continue to not care about who wins the World Series, but I will say that the Rangers getting their asses kicked makes the Yanks look even worse. So there's that whole deal. And it would be cool to see Mad Dog get his championship. So I'm kind of saying "go Giants," but in a "matters as much to me as whether that gerbil over there shits brown or light brown" kind of way. And I don't even see a gerbil.

Oh, thanks a lot of that image of looking at Zim's shit. But, I guess it is close to Halloween.
My Dad used to go watch the NY Giants play in the Polo Grounds. I'm rooting for Los Gigantes mainly because San Fran is a great town and good baseball town, and they've never won there despite several heartbreaks. Plus I just root naturally against anyone/anything from Texas. Plus, Dubya owned the team. I do like Nolan Ryan though, dating back to when he was really nice to me at Yankee Stadium in the late 70's. And I guess there's the argument that if Texas loses, Cliff Lee might be more inclined to leave there and sign with the MFYs. But I guess I'll take my chances...I mean, they'll just go and throw all that money at some other mercenaries anyway.

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