Sunday, October 24, 2010

Big Orange Vs. The East Randol Mill Road Blues

For those of us under 56, we've never seen the Giants or Rangers win the World Series. Until this year. So there's that.

The good news for (some) New York fans is that the Giants and Rangers are playing for the title. The bad news for those same parenthetical fans is that...well this joke is longer than it is funny but I think you know what I mean.

New episode of Randomonium below, from the Jackolantern Spectacular at Roger Williams Park here in Providence. I recommend going, but do not make the fatal mistake of going on a weekend. Trust me.

How do you recognize a Texan? When they read the Post Title and know that's the street in Arlington leading to the ballpark :)
Obv. I had to look that one up--as you know, the real address was Ballpark Way or something, so I used an alternate adjacent street because I thought it would be funnier.

I wonder if anyone got that it was supposed to be a reference to "Broadway Blues" which are the New York Rangers. (And Big Orange = Big Blue which are the New York Giants.) Wow, that's rare, I actually explained a post title. Sometimes I feel like I should do that at the bottom of each post since they can be so... me.

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