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It's time for the annual "describe this blog" game for all the people arriving here for the first time on Opening Day. Existing readers: I'll give you a topic to discuss while you wait: Sentences with two colons are freaks, much like humans with two colons. Discuss.

New readers: My name is Jere Smith. I live in Providence, Rhode Island. I've been writing this blog on my own time since March of 2004. I also write for Baseball Digest's site, and I have a book out, which I co-wrote with my author mom, Mary-Ann Tirone Smith, called Dirty Water: A Red Sox Mystery.

I've been a Red Sox fan since birth--1975--as my parents and 3/4 of their parents were also Sox fans. However, I grew up among Yankee fans in Ridgefield, Connecticut, steps from the New York state border. My house and all the other houses and trees there have since been replaced by one giant mansion, I'm pretty sure. Except for when I went to college in Lincoln, Nebraska for two years, I was in Ridgefield, and then neighboring Danbury (formerly the "next Seattle") until 2005. These towns are in Fairfield County, the one county in New England that doesn't get NESN--so I spent a lot of time listening to the Sox on radio, while rooting against the Yanks on channel 11. My Danbury years saw me playing bass in a punk rock band called The Pac-Men. After the band broke up, I moved to Manhattan with my friend since high school named Chan. I had the "I Love NY, It's the Yankees I Hate" bumper sticker as a kid, and those are still words I live by. While in New York, I met Kim. But she lived up in Somerville, Massachusetts, so I moved in with her in 2007. My NYC apartment had been 3.3 miles from Yankee Stadium, and my new place in Somerville was 3.3 miles from Fenway. It was fun being able to go to Red Sox games by taking a short T or car ride. Last year, we got a house here in Providence, so I'm finally back in in-between land, but now it's mainly Red Sox country instead of mainly Yankee land. And all along, I've been describing all the action here at A Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Territory, formerly A Red Sox Fan In Pinstripe Territory, and briefly at the beginning, A Red Sox Fan In Yankee Territory.

So what actually goes on here? Thanks for asking, chief. The main point of this blog is to give my opinions about whatever I feel like, but mainly the Red Sox. I feel like most sports sites you read online are just rehashed opinions and sexist bullcrap. I'm just not your average baseball fan, or American for that matter. Left-wing, straight edge, vegetarian, feminist, cats over dogs, water over coffee. That kind of thing. Maybe that's what happens when you grow up a Red Sox fan in the New York area. If you are the opposite of me in any or all these areas, I welcome your comments, as long as they're, you know, not prick-ish.

Regardless of all that, I go to lots and lots of Red Sox games (All face value! Follow my teachings and you can do it, too!) and always come back with plenty of pictures/videos/stories. So watch for that. Here's my "best of 2008" post for a little taste--but, of course, this place doesn't stop when the season does.

As for the Red Sox in 2009: I think they're gonna go 162-0 and sweep through the playoffs, like I have every year of my life, of course. I was never that negative Sox fan you've heard so much about. But seriously, watch for us to dominate in '09--the pitching is so good from top to bottom, that we don't even have to worry about the lineup--which, please note, we have no reason to worry about anyway!

Check out all my friends' blogs on the right, and my photo galleries and archives. I try to make it fun, is basically what I'm saying. Stay tuned. Thank you!

Okay, enough of this crap. Baseball starts now!!!!!!!

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