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New Beginnings New Beginnings New Beginnings

The Red Sox don't sell tickets to the "special" games in the normal way. Those are lottery-only. Said days--Opening Day and Yankee games--are also special to bloggers. We may try to hide it, but we know there's a little extra traffic on those days, so we have to come up with something new and different.

This Opening Day, I've decided to pull this obvious cop-out where instead of coming up with something new and different, I describe how I'm supposed to be coming up with something new and different.

Whoops, better post a visual, as I can just feel some of the casual fans slipping away, the ones who heard on the news that baseball starts today and searched Google Blogs for "Red Sox" or "Papi" or, what's that guy's name...with the hair...oh, right, Manny. The guy who be's Manny. Here you go:

That's Kevin Millar. Remember him? This is the type of thing you'll get here at RSF/PT. A video still of Millar on the street in New York. Or sometimes I'll actually shoot players on the field:

That's Lefty, Righty, and Adam Stern. Another video still. Don't click those to enlarge, they only get fuzzier. But fear not, I just got a better still camera, so the photos will be higher-quality in 2007. Closer to something like this, which I took as Trot Nixon walked off the field for the last time as a Red Sock or Sox, depending which you prefer:

That's with the old still camera. The new one, like I said, will provide better quality. I mean, Jesus, can this squirrel get any more resolute? Click this baby and take a giant step backwards:

I snapped this lady in Central Park a few months ago with the new camera. (I use the female default here at RSF/PT. Although I do see a protuberance in the crotch-al area. I suppose it could be a nipple. Does anyone know anything about nipple placement on squirrels? You see, these are the types of things discussed here. It's not just about the Red Sox. You can get that anywhere else.)

But I'll definitely spend many hours discussing the team I have loved since nine months before I was born.

Sometimes I'll even show some of my Sox past, like me at Fenway, above, in 1989. That's Rich Gedman, number 10, behind the young Jere.

Sometimes I'll show you entire vides as opposed to stills, so long as my GooTube account is taken down for showing one freakin' second of a copyrighted image, while other people sell drugs and porn to children and get away with it. Go figure. Here's a movie I made from footage I shot at the World Series Victory Parade, which was actually a "rolling rally," which is a lame name for the best party in the history of the world:

Sometimes I'll talk about music and crap like that. I used to be in a punk band called The Pac-Men, which should've been called The Ms. Pac-Men, due to it being the superior of the two basic Pac-Man games. But since we were all dudes, we thought we'd make it less confusing. Our singer used to be in The Pist, and here's a video I made from footage of their reunion show in Connecticut, the state I grew up in, a few years back:

So, yeah, I'll do stuff like that. Gotta love the sound quality on GooTube.

This blog doesn't shill for seedy internet ticket agencies. So if you're from one, note that the sign on the right that says "ad-free blog" doesn't mean "send me a shitty form letter asking me to put up a text link so you can continue to steal all the good seats and drive up the prices for the rest of us." I'd rather rip out my stomach and eat it, and then watch it come out the hole where the stomach used to be, than advertise for your cash cow. If I'm gonna do an ad, it's gonna look like this one I made:

Also, this blog is not the newspaper. When I want to voice my opinion about, say, the Yankees--the bane of my existence since '75--I will do it. I won't say "Gotta respect that Derek Jeter," but rather, I'll go ahead with what I really feel, something more like, "How can anybody like that cheater? Screw him. I hope he trips and falls. Twice." You know, stuff you'd say about your rival in real life.

I do lots of other stuff, so try to keep up, and watch me for the changes. I don't drink, don't smoke, don't eat meat, don't like coffee or dogs or reality shows, don't salute the flag if I don't want to, but I have more fun than a millionaire ever could. If you're a right-winger, you won't like my politics, but you still should be able to enjoy my blog. You, and Yankee fans, are always welcome to, hopefully politely, comment on anything you read or see here.

So I guess this turned out to be the new "about this blog." One more thing: If you're reading this before May 1st, 2007, you should know that I'm moving in with my girlfriend in the greater Boston area, and this blog will become "A Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Territory." If you're reading this after May 1st, 2007, you should know that this blog was formerly "A Red Sox Fan In Pinstripe Territory," as I lived in Manhattan for two years, after spending the first 29 years of my life in Fairfield County, Connecticut, which is part of New England, yet is still considered outside of New England Sports Network's viewing area, meaning I grew up listening to my team on the radio, while watching and rooting against the Yanks, and getting to know my enemy more than most front-running, bandwagoning Yankee fans knew their own team. [Update, December 2008: I'm currently in Providence, RI.]

Thanks to everybody who has ever come here in the last three years. Anti-terrible job! And thanks to Dana Carvey for the title of this post.

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Oh, and if you'll be seeing the Red Sox in any city besides Boston in 2007, and you have a camera, click here if you want to help me with a project. Thanks.

It's nice to finally find out what this here blog is all about...I've been right confused for some time now...nice BTF ref...
beautiful WS parade vid.

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