Sunday, April 03, 2005


[Edit 4/4/06: Updated version from April 2006 here.]

It's midnight. April 3rd is here.

For the faction out there that doesn't care about baseball at all until the season actually starts, and are coming back to this blog for the first time since October, or are new to it, here's a summary:

I'm a dude named Jere, turning 30 years old this year. My day job is "proofreader," but I am really a rogue artist, making whatever form of DIY art I choose to make on any given day (when I'm not sitting around on my lazy butt), and having more fun than a millionaire could ever have on a proofreader's salary. I mean hourly rate.

I live in Western Connecticut. Born here.

I've listened to and rooted for the Boston Red Sox on radio my whole life, while watching and rooting against the New York yankees (whose name I never capitalize.) This is beacause I'm in what's considered "The New York Area," aka "The Tri-State Area," and I've never been able to get New England Sports Network, despite having always lived in New England. But since my parents, both lifelong Sox fans, moved to the New Haven area, I can go there to watch the Red Sox.

As a result of this area never getting to see the fun-lovin' World Champion Red Sox, all the casual baseball fans are decked out in shiny new yankee gear, (or Mets when they're doing better than the yanks) making me want to vomit every time I step outside. I see more Red Sox fans in New York City than I do around here.

I'm not your average baseball fan as I am a liberal and a feminist who doesn't drink, doesn't eat meat, and doesn't treat women and minorities like crap.

I used to go to Fenway a few times a year, a number which has gone up of late, as I am now a 10th-Person Plan subscriber. I see a game or two at yankee Stadium yearly, except for 1997, as I was so disgusted after the yanks won the for the first time in my life (that I was fully conscious of). When I go, I always wear my Red Sox gear. I've also seen, or will see this year, the Red Sox play in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Cleveland, Cooperstown, Toronto, Chicago, and Kansas City.

I write a lot about:

1. The Red Sox from the point of view of an eternal optimist who is frequently sad and cynical anyway, is suffering from Peter Pan syndrome, professional crastination disease, and what has to be some form of autism, and likes to joke around, at least until the next mood swing.

2. and how he/they attempt to speak for all Red Sox fans, while usually having the opposite opinion of me (and stating it like it's fact.)

3. Michael Kay, yankee radio announcer and talk show host, and how he's the most arrogant, disgusting, pure-evil filled ego-maniac of all time, and how, in my opinion, should die. (And other sports media.)

4. My divine hatred of the yankees, including its players, past and present, announcers, management, and scum-sucking owner.

5. The habits of bandwagoning yankee fans in the wild.

6. Stuff I see/rip off from other blogs. See links section.

7. Bands and musicians I see perform. And any movies I see, and the very few TV shows I watch.

8. Left-wing politics, but not enough as I should. Once I get a really big fan base, then I'll get to the brainwashing.

9. Pop culture things that no one remembers or cares about except me.

10. Movies that have Bill Murray in them.

Wacky neighbors: Pat, who shares the 10-Game Plan with me; Chan, who is Chan.

I don't plan on ever having any ads on my site, except for the one text link that blogger makes you put up. I do this for fun.

Thanks for reading.

2005 starts today. Let's go Red Sox.......................

[Edit 5/5/05: This is all still true, except that I now live in New York City, home of the biggest chokers in the history of baseball]


Red Sox fans are the only ones who think they have some rivilry with the Yankees. That is just too funny. The sux have been nothing more than punching bags for the Yankees for years. And one year of luck cannot erase that fact. Look it up. How many division titles have the Sox won since 96? none. How many American league titles? 1. How many world championships? 1. To compare what they've done with the Yankees record is an insult and a very bad joke. BTW Yankees. 9 division titles. 7 American league titles. 4 world championships. eat that sux fans. Cry some more your all good at that.
If I didn't know the topic, I would assume the author of this comment was either:

A: An elementary school student with limited spelling and/or grammar skills thus mistakes are excusable.

B: A yankees fan.

If only spell-check could weed out dumbasses. Shut up - if you didn't think there was a rivilry and/or a rivalry, you wouldn't be here posting about it.

Youse guys ain't so grate youse know. Stop daydreaming about the good ol' days and start recognizing that recent history and current trends are against you.

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