Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Best Of My Photos/Videos Of 2008

In January, I got to meet three of my Red Sox heroes, Rich Gedman, Oil Can Boyd, and Bill Lee.

In April, I got to see another (!) world championship flag hoisted at Fenway Park.

Also in April, I got to see Justin Masterson's debut.

In May, I went to Baltimore and got to witness Manny's 500th HR.

In June, I had a bird's eye view on a bench-clearing brawl, with Coco Crisp making one of the greatest boxing moves on a baseball field ever.

In July, I was sad to see one of my all-time favorite Red Sox, Manny Ramirez, get traded away.

In August, I watched Charlie Zink's debut, a game in which the Red Sox scored 10 runs in the first inning, blew the lead, and came back to win 19-17. And a special guest came and sat next to me in the Monster Seats.

On my birthday in September, Red Sox players greeted me at the door before the game in which Red Sox fans broke the all-time consecutive sellout streak.

In October, I went to three playoff games: One stinker in the ALDS. One stinker in the ALCS...

...and the greatest comeback in an elimination game in baseball history.

No World Series this year. But as we know, that's not what it's all about. (But I still wish we were there.)

[Edited to add: While posting this, I put up the four-part gallery from the day Johnny Pesky's number was retired on the final weekend of the regular season, but forgot to post it here. Start with part one and follow the links to the next three.

Also, to address the comment from Rob who said the World Series is what it's all about: I just meant that to Sox fans, if it were all about winning, by the time '04 rolled around, there wouldn't have been any of us left to witness the parade, as we all would've become Yankee fans or something. I root for my team to win every single game, but it doesn't mean I'll stop loving them if they lose every game. Sure, it's about trying to win every year, but if winning was the most important thing, I'd just put on the hat of the team that wins at the end of each season. Maybe now that we've won, there actually are people who got into the Red Sox specifically because they won. But for me and I assume Rob and 99.9 % of Sox fans reading this, winning had nothing to do with why we root for the Red Sox. That's all I meant. (I'd also like point out that what really makes me the happiest is having a better year than the Yanks, which we have succeeded in yet again.)]

That's a pretty good year.

However, the World Series is exactly what it's all about...

...But I understand what you mean... It's not the end of the world that we're not there. Solid season, lots of good memories, lots to build on for next year.

Looking forward to my birthday -- it's right around when spring training starts - sometimes the exact day. Great way to celebrate. Some year I'll celebrate in Florida with the Sox!!
As I often noted the first time around, excellent photos, Jere.

I think I might have asked you this before, but what type of camera do you use? My old digital is shot, and my wife's got an older point-and-shoot as well, so I was thinking about getting a new SLR. Curious to know what you use.
Thanks. Lumix, by the fine folks at Panasonic. Maybe one of these years I'll upgrade to a professional camera.
I really enjoyed looking at your pictures from this past season. I went to my first game at Fenway this season and it was a game I will never forget. I had the lucky chance of witnessing Lester's no-hitter.

P.S. My order of "Dirty Water" arrived today and I must say, it is a great read so far!
Wow, you got a great first game.

Glad you like the book so far! Thanks.
Hey, Jere. I just finished the book--loved it. Good meeting you and your mom at Thom's.

We made the Thursday night game, too. Even if it wasn't our year, that was a night that won't slink away quietly.

Best of luck with Dirty Water, and...wait until next year.

Sue O'Neill
Cool, Sue. Thanks a lot.

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