Friday, November 11, 2005


Dear Person,

I realize that my fantabulous Red Sox Parade movie and my Ohiolicious Manny at the Jake movie may be hard to view using their current links. At least they are for me. So I've moved them over to Putfile. [Edit: These are now YouTube links.] [Edit, 2/13/07: They're now embedded below.]

Here's the Parade movie. It may take a while to load, since it's a big file. Click the link, go get a drink, and come back. [Update, 2/13/07: It's fine, just click below]

And here's the Manny movie:




Crown Cubed

Did you know the Triple Crown trophy actually has three little crowns on top?

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Quiz Tampa Bay Gamma Rays

What major leaguer is buried within 20 miles of the human-made landmark he was (nick-) named after? (Anybody who comes up with one gets a point. I can only think of one. But I haven't thought for too long about this yet.)

Clue: It's not "The Georgia Peach." Georgia's a state, not a landmark. And Cobb was buried in Gerorgia, not "within 20 miles" of it. But nice try, no one.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Quiz Beta Barn

This dude shares a last name with 19 other Major League Baseball players, managers, and umpires, but is the only one of them to be in the league in the last 50 years. He was the third player in history to accomplish a certain feat. The first dude to do it died in a town whose Native Americans used to bathe in what canyon?

Bonus clues: I've seen conflicting reports, one saying the first dude was the third, and another saying he was the fourth, to accomplish the mystery feat. Also, the question is valid through the 2004 season.

Colon Can, Sir

Another yankee finishes second. As Mo finishes SoCo in the C-Yo.

When It Rains It Snows

I have this They Might Be Giants hooded sweatshirt with a cartoon drawing on it. The drawing is that of a snowperson warming up to the heat of a pile of money on fire, while smoking and beginning to melt. I've been wearing it a lot lately. It's warm and comfortable, it's black, it has a hood, it promotes a really cool band, and it has an awesome freakin' picture on it.

A few days ago, I found out that some musical artist has a shirt on the market which is being banned at schools, because it implies that the wearer is selling cocaine. Guess what the shirt has on it? A snowman.

What are the odds that this weird sweatshirt I have would suddenly have the chance to be mistaken for coke-dealer apparel? Now I don't know if the long stares on the subway are just people studying the picture, or trying to figure out if I'm a drug dealer.

Another thing I've learned recently: When trying to get Chan to turn up the voume on the TV, simply saying "bring the noise" doesn't work. Maybe I'll keep trying until he asks me what I'm talking about. Chan totally loves when I do that.

I'll also come up with the next quiz soon. I'm trying to make them more and more impossible to get. Fun.

Monday, November 07, 2005

So-so Cano Soho

Actually Sohu, as in, the so-so Robinson Cano finished south of Huston Street in the A.L. Rookie of the Year voting. Another award not won by a yankee. Good stuff.

Also, check out the new cartoon over at the place with the cartoons. It's done in choose-your-own-adventure style. In one shot, you see someone dressed as the Greatest American Hero for Halloween in a picture in the background, much like I once did. Too bad I didn't get a picture of the guy in Sunday's marathon who dressed like The GAH. I feel like I've been living in a GAH-an society lately. Words are very unnecessary.

Out With The Same, In With The Different

From the Boston Globe:

"Empyreal Environs and 12-Eight have made/are making some nice changes to their sites. Empy's site is now dedicated to the old Kansas City Athletics, while Andrew's has become your internet home for Sega Genesis cheats and tips," says an unnamed source close to both blogs.

In other news, which I hope is true, Pat gave me this link to an article which says Drinkwater could be the new GM of the Sox! (By Drinkwater, I mean Kapstein, of course.) How crazy would that be, after all this attention being paid to him for simply seniorially advising the team and sitting behind the plate every night?

Sunday, November 06, 2005

New York City Marathon

Another beautiful day today. Perfect weather for watching other people run around all day.

The first look we got at the female leaders.

The boob Bloomberg and his crew.

The first look we got at the male leaders.

Don't know what this guy was so happy about. I like the way you can see the runners' heads appearing as they come over the hill.

A dude dressed like a cow with one of many Statues of Liberty behind him.

Some people just don't make it 26.2 miles. But fear not...

Thong lady is here. "You, monitor his pulse. Just lie still, sir, my thong is in control."

They carted him away. For a second, it looked like they were gonna roll him the final eight miles. This whole ordeal went on while one of many bands along the route butchered Nirvana's "Been A Son."

Here was another band, the Strines. The song we heard them playing as we walked by was pretty good. But they seemed a little "New York-y." and "The Placenounheres-y."

Don't know why this guy need a purple umbrella underneath the 59th Street Bridge. But it made for a good art shot.

The mass of people heading up 1st Avenue. We worked our way from 90th to 59th on 1st.

The last 200 yards, as the runners come up through Central Park.

This lady was dressed like a whatever you call those people in honor of New Orleans or whatever.

I missed getting a good shot of this guy, but he was carrying a tray with a wine bottle on it.

And now for the New York City Marathon Red Sox Fan Gallery:

This was one of the water hander outers.

I let Chan have his fun on this guy. But Chan's plan backfired when he gave the devil horns instead of the two-fingered antenna.

Varitek girl avoids horse, barely visible to her left.

I think Chan and I must've walked a marathon today just going all around the city.


My Day And Whatnot

Captions may not match up with pics. You'll figure it out, though.

Chan says "FOAL-ij." I say "FOE-lee-ij."

It was 70 degrees again today. I kicked Chan's butt at Wiffle in Central Park for the second consecutive day.


You can see a backstop way in the background. The guy in the Alomar shirt is the right fielder, playing the batter deep, and to pull, much to the dismay of the lounging people far from the infield. The batter ended up hitting a one-hopper to second.

Fairly artsy shot from grass-level.

A bat and a jet.

Then the sky turned pink.

Almost night.

Almost night with Moon and Venus.

Night with Moon, Venus, and light beams.

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