Friday, November 11, 2005


Dear Person,

I realize that my fantabulous Red Sox Parade movie and my Ohiolicious Manny at the Jake movie may be hard to view using their current links. At least they are for me. So I've moved them over to Putfile. [Edit: These are now YouTube links.] [Edit, 2/13/07: They're now embedded below.]

Here's the Parade movie. It may take a while to load, since it's a big file. Click the link, go get a drink, and come back. [Update, 2/13/07: It's fine, just click below]

And here's the Manny movie:




What'd the guy yell to get his attention?
"Manny Ramirez...How 'bout a wave...(unintelligible)!"

That last word might be "Manny," like, he just wanted to reiterate or something.
Great move of both flicks, Jere!

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