Thursday, July 03, 2014

Sox Bats Break Out For Nine Runs!

But Sox arms give up sixteen. And we're swept by the Chicago Cubs. Jesus, I see now in the box the Cubs only had one zero, in Rizzo's RBI column. Other than that, all nine guys had at least a run, a hit, and a ribbie.

As long as we got shelled anyway, it was good to see Mike Olt hit his first Fenway dong. I told you in 2011 about how my mom's neighbor is his aunt--he's a born/raised Connecticut guy. I heard the homer in the car, but I didn't hear the stuffed-up Castig say anything about his and my fellow Connexecutioner. And my mom tells me Remy was losing his tooth around that time.

Mookie also donged, the first of his career.

And it's been fun watching the Yanks lose and lose and lose some more--they've lost 5 in a row and 9 of 11, and are under .500 this late in the season for just the second time since 1995. And we're the defending champs. So how could I not say life is good, all droughts considered?

I had Suzyn and John on today between shifts, and Suzyn was talking about that play where Papi started walking to first early on ball four. Here's how she put it: "[the Cubs] put the (intentional walk) signal on and he walked to first base--he didn't even stand there." John says "odd," and then Suzyn adds, "I guess he came back, I just saw that part, he was walking down and everyone was laughing." I mean Jesus Fuck, you can't just say a bunch of shit on the air when you have no idea what the fuck you're talking about. By no means did Papi see that they were intentionally walking him and immediately walk to first thinking the ump would just allow them to skip four pitches or let them occur while he watched from first base. It wasn't even an intentional walk anyway. The fact that some people thought that was "controversial" was bad enough without having other people tell the story from the last chair in a game of fucking telephone. If you wanna hear it, it's at the 4:00:30 mark on Gameday Audio.

Speaking of announcers I'm not fond of, did you hear Dave O'Brien's call of Napoli's dong off Tanaka the other night? That was a jump-around-the-room moment, as the homer broke the tie with two outs and two strikes in the ninth, yet O'Brien called it like it was a meaningless home run!

And did you hear Remy try to say Ernie Banks's famous line a couple nights ago? Let's just say he didn't get it right. Even George Costanza got it right when he was hired by the Yankees!

In "NESN cameramen showing ladyparts" news, last night we had them showing a female fan in a skirt, who promptly crossed her legs verrrry slowly as Don read a PawSox promo, leading to silence from him and Remy. There was minor snickering when they talked again, but they were smart enough to not say anything to get them fired. Then tonight, we had two girls start to hug, only to have one pull away, leading the other to mysteriously put the ball she was holding down her shirt, exposing a whole lotta skin. Camera lingered before they cut away, then Remy gave it an "ohhh" before they both started stifling giggles. Eventually one did the Muttley laugh. I may post video. (Of the second incident only!)


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