Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ARSFFPT Supports: Mike Olt

My mom's friend has a nephew named Mike Olt who played in the Arizona Fall League this year. I thought that was cool enough, but when I looked the guy up, I saw that he was actually leading the league in homers. He ended up extending that lead by hitting a total of 13, nearly doubling the second-place guy's total. He also finished the season on top in ribbies, total bases, and slugging, and was top ten in OPS, BA, and OBP. Terribly, he was snubbed when it came to league MVP, though he did win multiple player of the week awards.

He's a Texas Rangers prospect, third baseman. Watch for him.

And Rangers, if you're thinking about trading prospects for starting pitching, the Red Sox have this amazing pitcher named John Lackey....


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