Monday, July 14, 2014

An Almost 5-Game Winning Streak

Nice job by HH and BroHo today in an 11-0 win. The loss on Saturday still kills me though--we could have gone into the break on a 5-gamer.

So the first half ends with us 5 back of the Yanks and 10 back of first place in the loss column. The perfect set-up to a second-half funtime comeback. And we start at home against the Royals, just like in the Morgan's Magic season of 1988. I was lucky enough to be at that doubleheader that started all the fun that year.

I can't believe all the original Ramones are dead now, with the passing of Tommy. Joey and Dee Dee died two and three years before I started this blog, but I see I mentioned Johnny's death here back in 2004. Note: the game I said I'd be going to in The Bronx the next night was that classic 9/17/04 Mariano-blown "catch the ball!" game. That night was one of my favorite baseball game experiences.

Hey Jere, just someone that enjoys reading your stuff - checking in that all is ok - did I miss you moving elsewhere or you are just taking a break from things Red? Neil
Hey Neil, I just finally figured I'd stop this thing. Decided to just end it rather than throwing a year-long retirement party for myself like some (classy) people.

I'm sure I'll start up other blogs at some point when I have time, I'll let everyone know...

I kept my twitter account and thought I'd keep tweeting just because I always have something to say, but again I just don't have the time these days and the Jeter shit is just too depressing, I'd rather avert my eyes.
And to answer your specific question--I'd never take a break from the Red Sox, you know me better than that;)
Sad to hear but thanks for all the entertainment over the years.

Rich G
You're welcome!

Sad to see you go.
#2 on your scorecard, #2 in your toilet bowl....
Always enjoyed this blog too. Hopefully you start it back up for 2015
Thank you. But it's over. Will let everybody know if/when I start something new.
Thanks for everything and good luck!
You're welcome, thank you!

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