Thursday, September 16, 2004

Fenway Park 9/15/04

Have I not mentioned Oil Can Boyd on this blog yet?

Well I'm going to. Last night at Fenway, who was in Autograph Alley but The Can himself. Pat spotted him, and we just starting running up the ramp toward him. I stepped up to him first, and said, "Hey Oil Can." He said, "Hi." I said, "I'm still mad [Pat & I decided I shouldn't say 'pissed'] that they didn't put you on the All-Star team in '86." Can said, "I hear dat." Then Pat told him how he saw him pitch in his first trip to Fenway against the Brewers in the 80s. Can started chattin' Pat up about Ogilvie, Molitor, and Yount. Can rules. He was really nice. Way nicer than Bob Montgomery. We're big fans of Bob's, but I think he's a little sick of Autograph Alley at this point.

By the way, the second biggest Oil Can-related travesty was that the band named after the Oil Can used a baseball card of him on the Expos as their logo, or on their cd or somewhere. Come on.

We saw a weird win, with the Sox giving up some leads but coming out on top.

I could smell the playoffs in the cool breeze that blew through the park.

Or something.

Just now, we beat the Rays again--Schilling's 20th--and now it's on to the Bronx. Hopefully the rain will hold off tomorrow night for the game I'm going to with Lys, her brother, and his wife.

3 1/2 back, 3 in the loss, and the magic number is 21.

"Dana na na na na na na na na na na nant"--Johnny Ramone
Good-bye to the greatest non-wanking guitar player of our time, a man whose no-BS attitude and even less-BS songwriting were able to overshadow his right-wing politics and yankee fandom in my mind.


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