Monday, May 26, 2014

Topes Win

I've had a busy weekend or whatever. At the end of one of my shifts today, I got in the car and heard Pedroia knock in two runs. Castig was all excited, but then noted that we "cut the lead in half." So I knew 4-2 was the best case scenario, which, considering we'd lost our last 50 thousand games, wasn't gonna cut it for me. Then he said the score: 6-3. Great, like that's gonna pay my mortgage. Joe then said something like, "imagine a long ball here from Papi," as one would tie the score. Moments later, he "picked up what he asked for," as we used to say in the Go Fish world. Or was it Crazy 8s? Anyway, I still didn't know the inning, only that we'd just come back from down 5 to tie it, all with two outs. It was 3:30, so between that and the extreme excitement in Castig's voice, I figured it was the 8th or 9th. Nope. Fifth. It would be until well into my next shift, at around 6:goddamn:30, that the game would finally end, with the Sox winning their first in a row.

If I ever get a second I'll tell you some other stuff. Meantime, the contest is still open for a few more days. Should be interesting with Shane on the DL.


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