Tuesday, May 20, 2014


There's an updated version of the book "Shane Victorino: The Flyin' Hawaiian" out, and here's your chance to win it. Predict how many runs the Red Sox will score in the month of June. And predict how many runs Shane himself will score in June. The closest in each category will win a book. TPIR rules* in effect for tie-breakers only. E-mail predictions to the address I've been rockin' since '95, Two2067 at a o l dot c o m. Deadline is May 31st. I'll reveal all the predictions on June 1st-ish.

For those who want to put in a guess real quick but don't want to go looking up the average amount of runs teams and players score in a month, I'll just tell you that last June, the Red Sox scored 156 runs, and Victorino scored 12 in 20 games.

Good luck. And I really hope for your sake the guy from the publisher was serious about sending me the books....)

*In other words, let's say you guess 1,000,749 runs and someone else guesses 1,000,745. If the total is 1,000,748, you win, because you're closer, doesn't matter that you were over and she was under. But if the total is 1,000,747, you'd both be 2 runs off, but she would win because you went over. And if two or more people pick the same amount and they co-win, I'll put their names in a red sock and pick one out.

Red Sox: 148
SV: 9
sorry about the last minute
Victorino 2, Red Sox 140

Kim (Dewey & Co.)

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