Friday, May 23, 2014

The Contest Prizes Have Arrived

Bad time for Lester to bed-poo, eh? Moving on, here's the prize(s) for my current contest. (Pac-Man bandages not included.)

The basics: Predict how many runs Shane Victorino will score in June, and the amount of runs the Red Sox will score in June. Send to Two2067 at aol dot com, or comment below. Predictions will be revealed after the May 31st deadline. Winner in each category gets a book, compliments of me via Triumph books. (Full contest details here.) Terrible job by me cutting off the author's name in the pic. It's Alan Maimon. I am, of course, not paid to do this, I just like contests and I like Shane Victorino, so....

Below is a video I shot a few days ago. I work in Newport and the main beach there is called Easton's Beach. Which is known as First Beach. I was driving near there, when suddenly, flames! There are much better video and pictures than this online, but this is what I saw:

Turns out if was spontaneous combustion, a la Spinal Tap. Nobody was injured, but they quickly demolished what was left of that building.

Mom here: The return-to-normal month of June will see Shane scoring 8 runs and the Sox scoring 100.
I'm going to go with 136 runs for the Sox, and Victorino will score 8 of them.

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