Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I saw an ad on for personalized jerseys, which are in the '70s pajamas style. You can pick from a giant list of Red Sox players, from well-known to obscure. I thought maybe the list was comprised of players who wore the PJs, but it's not because you've got guys like Boddicker and Brunansky, as well as pre-jammies guys like Ted Williams. But not Babe Ruth. So I don't know what's going on there, but I'm wondering, will this coincide with a possible 70s throwback game this year? I'd be all for it. (As long as we've crossed the line into sometimes wearing throwbacks anyway.)

I know the Sox billed their Sox Pack with a Cincinnati game as a Throwback Pack. Possibly a 70s night? Also, have you heard anything about Opening Day as far special jerseys and caps?
Yeah I actually forgot that I mentioned that possibility here back when the Sox Pax were coming out! Didn't think of that when I noticed the ad for the jerseys.... So let's keep hoping that's exactly what it is.

Have heard nothing about Opening Day. I loved those gold-trimmed jerseys in '05.

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