Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Grave Yard?

I haven't seen mention of the Great Fenway Yard Sale in any of the releases about Christmas at Fenway. I wonder if it's not happening. Considering they seem to be selling many of the old game-used/issued jerseys at the Souvenir Store, maybe that stuff has just become normal sale material. But I know they must have a crapload of bricks and all kinds of other things that have been yearly staples of the Yard Sale. We'll see.

So we've got 8 Sox Pax revealed so far. Notable things:

Let's start with the "Pedroia Bobblehead Pack." We know this team doesn't resort to gimmicky giveaways to get people to the park. Even the schedule magnets they give away on Opening/Closing Day is an unadvertised event. Could this bobblehead thing be opening the floodgates? I wonder, does it mean one of the games in the pack is a bobblehead giveaway day? Or do you get one when you buy the pack? And are we to assume there will also be an Ortiz bobblehead? I just hope this doesn't turn into Yankee Stadium, with their annual swagfest of windshield pens and visor frames. Presented by Shop & Dunk. Or whatever.

Then we've got a "Turn Back the Clock Pack." Does this mean one of those games will have TBTC uniforms? One game is against the Reds, if we do it, I hope that's it. I wanna see the '75 unis.

The "Yankees Pack" only has one Yankees game.

The Pats Day pack included three weekend games. And we await the other three on the inevitable Opening Day Pack.

Good luck on Saturday....


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