Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Dedicating At Least One Rhyme To Four Classic Red Soxeses And One Big Phony

Curt Schilling has cancer. He hasn't said which kind yet but he talks about his fight ahead, hopefully it's something he's able to overcome.

Pedro, Nomar, and Joe Castiglione will go into the Red Sox Hall of Fame this summer. That's a pretty awesome group right there. Unfortunately, the class will have to suffer the stink of Roger Clemens going in with them. I'm pissed about this either way, but the more I think about it, the more I'm happy that as long as that phony has to be in, at least he'll hardly get a piece of the spotlight at all with three classic Red Sox going in at the same time. Still, I hate that our ownership has decided to kowtow to this turncoat cheater lately. Why? Because it's been determined he officially believes his own lies? If the REAL Hall of Fame can keep the guy out, why can't ours?

Was watching Pulp Fiction for the 74,539th time tonight, and I thought I found a new rhyme. Knowing I'd done a post about the film's rhymes before I searched for it, using my "[topic] [jere]" Google search method (it's great to have a super-rare first name sometimes), and found it. I was surprised to see that I had found the same rhyme before. In 2006, 2007, and 2012! Each time going to that post to tell...myself about it! So weird that I continue to not only forget that I've already "found" this rhyme, but that I've gone to that old post and commented as much. Again and again. I gotta figure THIS is the last time I'll think I was actually discovering the "sweet dreams, jellybean" line for the first time. But I'll find out next time I see that scene.

Of course there's a Cobain reference in that '06 post........
I'm confused why Clemens would go in now. After all this time they suddenly decide he should go in? Weird.

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