Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Sooper Bowl Early Bird Action

Now that Brent Musburger has nonchalanted his way through the final college game of the year (did he think it was the third quarter on those last few drives or what?) (and how do you, your color man, and your spotters all miss a blatant fumble?), it's time to turn our attention to half-heartedly following the NFL playoffs when we happen to be around when they're on and our wives aren't watching that show where three people you couldn't possibly care about make food and other people who shouldn't have so much power in life kick them out one by one if their meal isn't good enough or god forbid they left out an ingredient.

And this year I wanna actually fill that 100-square grid in our Super Bow1 contest. Notice I'm not saying the actual trademarked term as I fear the NFL mafia more than the real one. So here's your chance to get into the contest early and get a bonus square! Or maybe 2 or 3 depending on how many people end up entering. The point is, you'll get something extra. IF you enter NOW! Meaning before, say...Martin Luther King Day. Just leave a comment saying your favorite Padres (why not?) player of all-time, and you're in the contest. You don't have to pick a square with X and Y coordinates. I'll put everyone in randomly later. Just say a Padre.

Hey, a thought just hit me like a non-knuckleball. Kim and I watched that Knuckleball movie recently, and for some reason, Phil Niekro calls Mike Schmidt "Steve Schmidt," Come on, Phil! That'd be like if I called you Joe. Oh wait....

Seinfeld did an AMA today on reddit.

As long as this is turning into randomonium, a commentor/er on a recent post I did about Nirvana said something about the "When the Lights Out" box set, and I'd just like to point out that I did mention that when it came out in November 2004. Check it out here. Interestingly, I didn't capitalize one of the words in the title of that post. For some reason, on this blog, I've always capitalized every word in post titles, including "a" and "the" and "of." I did it early on and kept it as tradition. (Though I eventually broke the "never capitalize 'Yankees'" tradition.) But here I was breaking tradition just a few months in!

Okay, so get those entries in. You can win real prizes! I even actually sent the one from last year! Well, one of them. Ryan is still waiting for his second prize. It's coming, I swear.

This year's prizes won't include a fine nocturnal bird with big eyes. Because then I'd have to say "superb owl"!

I know, I know, some are diurnal.
Steve Garvey's (not my) Padre! That's a joke. If you don't get it, that just means you're not from LA. Can I just say my favorite Padre is the Chicken? If not...Rich Gossage.

And in your previous post you ask where the 'Incesticide' box set is, but I was suggesting that 'With The Lights Out' would probably have fit the bill, as it was made up of similar material (B-Sides, demos, radio sessions, etc.). BTW: The BBC version of "Something In The Way" on the 'Nevermind' box fucking kills. But I'm more annoyed closing in on angry about the absence of a deluxe edition 'Terror Twilight' anyway.
Kellen Winslow
Favorite Pad' is Tony Gwynn, but I also remember getting a shitload of Eric Show cards from the '85 Topps set and being fascinated with how he pronounced his last name. Gonna stick with Gwynn here.
Getting some great "Padres" so far, nice.

And yes I never actually talked about the cds in that box set at the time, but it was good, though I had heard a bunch of things already via bootlegs. I had never heard Do Re Mi--loved that one. I still think Incesticide needs to be "celebrated," I mean, as long as the other ones are being celebrated anyway. Maybe I'll have to wait for its 50th anniversary.
Nate Colbert.
"a Padre."
I'll go with Rick Wise - never did much with the Padres, but he sure did with the Sox.
Cito Gaston

Dewey & Co.
Padre? Let's hear it for ...... Bobby Valentine!

(Geez, look at Ozzie Smith's 1979 batting line: .211/.260/.262)

Mom: Josh Johnson
Favorite Padre? Phil Plantier. Easy.
Charlie: Ed Acosta
I'll go with he of Duck boat purchasing fame: Jake Peavy
Dave Roberts
It was at some point after the previous answer that I thought, "Hey, nobody said Dave Roberts!"

PS It would be cool if I made the grid out of 100 pictures of these Padres and people could find their numbers by locating their Padre.
Trevor Hoffman (ps: Nice job on picking the Padres as the random team. I approve.).
Was anxiously awaiting your pick!
Garry Templeton. Sweet 'fro on that mutha...

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