Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I've foouuuuund....Nirvana

I just watched the DVD from the Nirvana box set that came out today. It's very interesting. It shows the band playing at an early practice, then goes through live performances right up until the end of the band. First we see a practice session from 1988 at Krist's mom's house. The looks on the faces of the band's logger-trash friends in the room are priceless. All I could think of was how not one of these people could've known that the dudes they were watching would become the biggest band in the world within four years. One guy, brew in hand (they all have a brew in hand), is watching while Kurt's belting out a tune in his best Johnny Rotten voice, almost admiringly, like he's thinking, "Somebody from this town actually has some talent." But everyone else looks like your average stoner would look watching their friend's band, either bored to death or wishing they had enough energy to be in the band. For whatever reason, (insufficient cord lenghth, I'm guessing) the microphone is set up against the wall. So whenever Kurt is singing, we see his back, as he's right up against the wall, facing it, like the kid in The Blair Witch Project. It gives you the feeling that the guys filming and sitting around the room are forcing these freaks at gunpoint to play loud music for them. It's quite odd. The one time Kurt strays from his wall, he ends up pulling the plug on his own guitar, as he attempts to run up to the camera to do a solo. He's forced to walk back and try to fix it, probably thinking, "See why I stay over here all the time?" and the camera quickly cuts the scene short. They play about nine tunes in this setting, and then there are songs from various live shows, with the audience growing along with the band's popularity. The final clip is Kurt playing drums (in a studio) and singing the cheesy pop hit "Seasons In The Sun," backed by Krist and Dave on guitar and bass. The whole thing is like a little movie. And I've still got the three CDs to listen to. Life continues to be sweet.

I can't believe it's been eleven years since I saw that band as a college kid with no idea what I was gonna do with myself. And here I am listening to the same band, still with no idea. Nice. Voiceover: George Washington Carver died penniless and insane...still tryin' to play a phonograph record with a peanut.


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