Thursday, January 09, 2014

Some Times In

Opening Day (meaning our first game, in Baltimore on Monday, March 31st, not the home opener) will have a 3:05 start on ESPN2 nationally. I'm starting to think about going down to Balty for it. I'll have to see if Brian and Jen and/or Taylor* are around that day.

In other clock news, the Tigers start their home games at 8 minutes after the hour. I can't remember if I noticed that last year. I know I've talked about the Jays and their :07 starts, and of course the marketing scheme of having the White Sox start their games at...Circle K or something. I'm waiting for a team to start games at 7:01. What's in my wallet? A check for a million dollars for giving that company the idea just now. You're welcome.

*You should have figured out from context that these are some of my Baltimore-area-kinda friends and/or friends who live in the Philly-area but who are Orioles fans. Don't you know about context? It's huge.

PS: If you want to get in my Souper Bole contest and you can't or don't want to comment, just send me an e-mail.

PlayStation2: Dear MLBN's "Seasons" show, When showing clips of the 1974 A's, don't show us Tony Armas and think you can get away with it. Your pal, Me.

Let me know if you are going. I'll see if I can get there.
Will do!

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