Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dawn Of Time

People continue to be SHOCKED and AMAZED at the UNEXPLAINED PHENOMENON that is the Red Sox meeting the Tigers in the postseason for the first time in more than a century! I heard the first inning on radio last night, and Dave O'Brien was ready to just end it all, as he just couldn't live with this gained knowledge any longer. He said "that's a couple hundred years of baseball." Then Buck and McCarver brought it up too. And then the strangest thing happened....

Tim McCarver was the voice of reason!

He pointed out, as I did (see original post here), that it would have been impossible for the two teams to meet in the postseason for a large chunk of baseball history. He didn't take it far enough, though, only saying that there were no pre-World Series playoff series before 1969. But from 1969 to 1994, the Red Sox and Tigers were both in the AL East, meaning they still couldn't meet in the ALCS. That's right, in ninety-four of 113 years, it wasn't possible*. So it's not a big deal they haven't met till now.

But if you're still suicidal over this, here are the other American League teams the Red Sox have never played in the postseason:

Baltimore Orioles
Toronto Blue Jays
Kansas City Royals
Minnesota Twins
Texas Rangers
Seattle Mariners
Houston Astros (can you believe that?)
Milwaukee Brewers (former AL team)

*They only could have played a one-game tiebreaker (in all years except '69-'94) which is not considered part of the postseason and has only happened six times in American League history anyway


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