Friday, October 11, 2013

Full Circle

The following line leads off this article:

The Red Sox and Tigers, as two of the American League's eight charter franchises, have been facing each other since 1901. Yet the upcoming AL Championship Series, which starts Saturday night at 8 ET on FOX at Fenway Park, will mark the first time the tradition-laden franchises have squared off in the postseason.

What they fail to tell you is that of those 113 years, it would have been impossible for the two teams to meet in the postseason in 94 of them.

The way I figure it (which involves lots of math in my head that could be wrong since I was watching Heat at the time), playing any given team in the 19th season where it's possible is actually closer to normal than abnormal.

But even without that second bootleg statistic, leaving out the whole 94/113ths thing is pretty deceiving.

Funny that Heat would be on TV tonight, since a few hours ago I was thinking of the Cards-Dodgers matchup, and thought of the photo caption "Jack of Cards Turns Dodgers Blue" from the 1985 NLCS. I Googled said caption, and found one match. You guessed it, it was my own blog. From March 2005. And in that post, I talk about...Heat.

And I still remember Sam* linking that post because my Johnny Damon crotch remark. And, ironically enough, Sam was/is a Red Sox and Tigers fan, so I wonder what's going through her head right about now.

You get your ALCS tix yet? I've had a few in my cart but couldn't pull the trigger. I've got some parameters I need to stay within involving money and work and allocating funds and planning ahead and a potential World Series appearance and all that. I'm thinking I'll end up at Game 6 or 7, should they be played. Or maybe Game 2. But I can say that if I were rich I'd already have tix to all four home games** all at face value. It's really not that hard. F the Toe-Stubbers.

*Old-school Red Sox blogger who deserves a lot of credit in terms of who I blatantly ripped off to become what I am today. She is still blogging as Roar of the Tigers.

**And all three road games, as I'd drive my gold-plated Accent out to Detroit and stay in "Grosse Point" because I think that movie made it sound like the "nice" part of America's very own DMZ. Or maybe I'm thinking of "Auburn Hills." But maybe I just think that's nice because I associate it with the word "palace." Ooh, wait, I'll just stay in Windsor. But I don't have a passport. But I could bribe them, as I am rich in this scenario.

Did you know that this is the first time the Sox will face the Tigers in the playoffs in nearly 240 years of American History? Think of that. The first time it's happened in 240 years!
Huzzah for Windsor!

Well, the Sox and Tigers never played a one-game playoff for the pennant or East title in any of those 94 years -- though, as per 1978, that would have been a regular season game, so never mind.

***And lend JH cash to sign Jacoby.

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