Thursday, May 09, 2013

Three Kings

Pressly, in relief of Hernandez, gets the win, Webster gets the loss. Wait a minute. Pressly, spelled differently, is the King of Rock 'n' Roll*. And another Hernandez is King Felix. And Emmanuel Lewis, who played Webster, was friends with Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. (*It should also be noted that Perkins also pitched in this game. So it's really two kings, and two friends of kings.)

Anyway, some game, huh? We lose 15-8. I wasn't a fan of Doubront leaving the rotation, no offense to Webster, but they both ended up getting a chance tonight, with each of them crapping all over that chance. It was pretty sweet when we scored 5 in our first at bat after giving up 4 in theirs, but we quickly went behind again, and it was all downhill from there.

The highlight was Remy accusing Don of stealing Carlton Fisk's credit card.

The O's win ties them with the Sox for first. Us, them, and the Yanks all have 13 losses. NY is still an effed-up team--they even batted their pitcher 8th and had Vernon Wells at third base briefly tonight--but managed a win to close to within a game of first. The go-ahead run came with two outs in the ninth on an infield single where the guy hesitated before throwing to first. It still stinks that they can just put Mo in and have basically any pitch he throws be called a strike, but it's what the rest of us have to deal with, I guess.

Classic media: Shaughnessy decides he's gonna accuse David Ortiz of being on steroids to his face, writes article about it, then NESN Daily teaser says "And Peter Gammons weighs in on the latest David Ortiz PED rumors." So let's recap:

Person A: "Person B, are you a murderer?"

Person B: "No."

Person A: "Everybody, have you heard the rumors about Person B being a murderer?!"

Then there's the whole thing about how the media bash the guy whenever he doesn't hit, saying he's done, etc., then when he starts hitting again, it's "why are you on steroids?" Ortiz himself noticed this one and addressed it in a dugout interview, basically asking "what the hell do you have to do to make these people happy?"

The funniest part about Shaughnessy is how he pretends not to be a slimeball. The guy will rip you out of one side of his mouth while telling you with the other side that he's this nice, innocent guy. When he did the talk show circuit after the Francona book, he'd shamelessly tell each host how it's not meant to be a controversial book and how more is being made of it than should be, meanwhile, ten seconds earlier he was spewing the same controversy-inventing crap he wrote in the first place.

P.S. Word verification is back on. The spams are up to about 25 a day, I need a break. I don't mean banned Yankee fan comments, I mean actual robot spam, written in the same template every time, pretending to be a "real" person, ending with a link to a weight-loss diet site or whatever. "Great site! Hey, is anyone else having trouble with the format of this WordPress blog? My web site: acne products." It's been going on for months. Blogger recently came up with a new spam filter, and everything was fine. Then, the flood gates opened. So, I apologize. Good luck with those weird-looking words.

P.S.S or P.P.S. The "Allision Brown" ads have been running again. And I got a random person commenting on one of my old posts about it. Since I don't have the "recent comments" feature, you'd never know unless I told you. So thanks, that guy!


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