Friday, May 17, 2013


Two months ago, I wrote a post about how Jeter made a crazy slide and literally admitted he "forgot" about sliding in general. My point was that nobody cared about it--one paper even called it a "hard slide"--yet if Manny made a slide like that, he'd be called a clown and all the other usual stuff he's called.

Well it only took two months!

(I love the super-creative closing line too! Wow, I ain't neva hoid that one befawww...)

SOX @ Twins, 8:10, Clay Pigeon against Worley Bird

Actually, if Jeter had done that, he would have been given high praise. After all, by having the baseball IQ to slide to a stop short of the bag, the fielder had to run to him to make the tag...staying out of the double play. Brilliant!

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