Monday, March 11, 2013


("Random Past Spring Training Moment of the Day," for those who forgot, since I only said it on the first one.)
Manny Ramirez, arriving at camp after signing with the Red Sox, 2/17/2001. Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe

Now let's look at a classic Manny Being Manny moment. When playing in a game for the first time in five months after an injury, Manny forgot all about the fact that he might actually have to slide into a base:

“I sort of fell down [...] I forgot about that one. You don’t really practice sliding.”

Oh, that wacky Manny with his wacky hair, always forgetting how to play baseball. What a clown! OH WAIT, it wasn't Manny who said that, it was DEREK JETER, two days ago. Of course, nobody accused him of being aloof or un-classy or un-professional in any way.


Captain Intangibles
Well, Jere, it's not really an apples to apples comparison. Manny just is not that intelligent, but he was a savant with the bat. A really good player whom I would instanly trade places with because that sounds so much more fun than what I do now, but Manny's done plenty of zany things during his career.

Consequently, I'm not saying that Jeter is intelligent simply because I am comparing him to Manny. Jeter, however, does have the luxury of saying he's done very few things during his career (at least up to this point) to prove to people to believe otherwise.

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