Friday, May 03, 2013

New Beginnings, New Beginnings

New background at! A sunrise shot of Fenway. This looked like it might be impossible to figure out at first...and it might have been, had I not recognized the photo. I remembered that on the day of the Home Opener, the team sent out an e-mail with a picture of Fenway at that morning's sunrise. I think they did it the year before, too. Anyway, I went back to April 8th in my inbox, checked the photo, and it matched. And since that e-mail included the time of day on the photo, we know that, too. The answer is: 6:35 a.m., April 8, 2013.

As for the special background for the scoreboard page, which I asked you to try and figure out a few days ago: Nobody entered, so nobody won. Here's how I figured it out: Instead of trying to find a day that matched the pitchers' numbers of the two games shown on the board, I looked at the standings. It was fading to black at that spot, but it seemed like it showed 1, 1, 1.5, 3.5 in the games behind column. Figuring this had to be very early in a season, I started with this season and checked the early standings. No match. Went to 2012, and found it. April 20th, standings matched. (Actually end-of-day April 19, so that's how they'd appear on the scoreboard on the 20th.) Then went to the other games, checked the pitchers' numbers in the ATL-ARI and PHI-SD, and they matched too. Actually I only checked one since I was certain at that point based on the fact that those teams were playing each other. So that pic was from the 100th anniversary of Fenway's first official game. If you could pan up from that spot, you'd see me in the Monster Seats.

The post title I use above is one I've used before. If you don't get the reference, you probably think I'm being all serious, or at the very least, quoting some super-serious song or movie. But it's really from this.


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