Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Almost A Really Fun One

We went down 4-0 early thanks in part to our own mistakes. People probably thought it was a wasted night. Not me, but normal people. We made it 4-3, but again they pulled away at 6-3. But we kept coming back, and Papi's rocket shot 3-run double put us up 7-6 in the 7th. Tazawa got the first two outs in the bottom half, but a walk to Bautista and a dong by Encarnacion gave them the lead again. Jays end up winning 9-7. Our five-game winning streak is severely warmed bread.

Was just noticing the date, and since it's now officially "May Day," I thought of a jersey I recently saw someone wearing on the street. It was a Cheers-themed jersey. It was pretty spiffy--with the logo on the front, a gold-and-white look if I remember correctly. The back said "Mayday" in honor of May Day Malone. But that's where it all goes haywire! The number below the name? 7! Everybody knows Malone wore 16 for the Red Sox! Then again, I guess you could say this is the jersey Sam wore in some mythical softball league that the bar participated in. But even in that case, he'd surely wear the number he wore in the majors, right? Unless 7 was taken when he was on the Sox, and he always wanted it, and here was his chance. Should I just move on with my life? Anyway, I can't find this thing online. Is it possible the guy had it custom-made? It was an intricate, well-made piece of clothing, not something you make with magic markers. I wonder where he got it. I wonder why someone who's such a Cheers fan wouldn't know Sam's uniform number? I wonder if the Pacific is blue as it has been in my dreams. I wonder... Oh wait, that's "I hope." Hmmm, maybe I should take that as a sign that sometimes what stays with us from movies and TV isn't what we saw, but what we remembered. Or maybe that jersey-maker thought he was a goddamn genius for making up a Cheers jersey and didn't have the sense to ask anybody if they knew Sam's number!

Moving on to, interestingly enough, the background image of the Red Sox dot com scoreboard page, I figured out the date of the photo. Took me 6 minutes or so. I won't tell you this time. I'll let you give it a shot. Since the page itself has a sponsor, I won't link it, I'll just show you what's visible on the left and right sides, which is all I used to get the answer:

First person to get it right gets to yell at me for not sending out the prizes from the Super Bowl contest yet. Don't worry, they're comin'!


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