Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Have I Done This Before?

Why does the A.L. West have to be such an asshat?

Har har. So I searched my own blog for the word "asshat" to see if I have indeed done this already, and it only turned up one post. From 2006. I clicked the comments and saw this from someone called Zebster:

"Great job, Jere. There's four of us that've started a Sox blog and would love to have you check us out and perhaps add us to your
I'm adding yours right now.
Keep the faith!"

Hmmm. I have no recollection of this. And terribly I don't think I ever checked it out or added it to my blogroll. Maybe back then comments would come in without a notification e-mail and I missed it. Anyway, I figured chances were good it was one of the millions of blogs that lasted a day or two and then disappeared, but I went to that url and...boom went the proverbial dynamite. "Zebster" and his pals at Bosox Tavern are still blogging today! (They took three or four years off at one point but seem to be back in the swing.)

Zebster is also "A liberal independent" and "A believer in kindness, courtesy, respect and fairness and above all else, truth." Now there's some stuff I can get behind!

I feel really bad, though. This guy commented here, added my blog to his 'roll, asked for a link in return, seemed to be my kinda bloke, and I apparently completely ignored it. Again, I hope I just "missed it," because I wouldn't purposely do that to somebody. So, Zebster, my heartfelt apologies. Seven years later, thanks, and welcome to my blogroll.

(And Matty, no, I didn't go see the Adolescents. I feel like I never saw that comment, either.)

(And, bonus, today is a BIG day on the Jere Calendar. More on that later-ish!)

I added them to my maybe that will help make up for it.

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